A Review

Have you heard or visited the clothing site StyleWe?  Check it out, it has a beautiful selection of modern fashion clothes.

But, if you visit their Facebook page or SiteJabber you’ll notice a lot of negative complaints. Here’s my experience with StyleWe.

I ordered the below garment on and expected it to arrive within 2 weeks time based on their shipping information. You’re given a tracking number to follow your package. As I checked on it, it seemed to be stuck in Hong Kong for about a week. I emailed StyleWe’s customer service and after a couple of days received a reply. But, it was a form letter stating how sorry they were about me wanting to return my item. Uh?

I replied back saying I hadn’t even gotten my item yet and wanted to know the status. At this point I was getting nervous about one, giving them my credit card information and two, maybe all the negative comments I had read on the Facebook fan page were true.

About 2 days later I received an email stating that it got hung up in customs and to be patient. Good with me, at least I heard back from someone. Funny, how you feel like a little kid rushing to the mailbox every day, peering in, did it come yet!?

Week four I received an email saying it was in Kentucky.

A little more than five weeks and finally arrived in my mailbox.

Here’s my observations


First, it’s from China, but they may have someone in New York managing things, social media etc. Plus, the photos are very professional and highly styled.

They state that these are independent designers although I have yet to find an actual designer on Instagram or anywhere for that matter. My ‘designer’ is ElenYun. But, I can’t find any information on her beyond what is on their website.

If I was a designer on this site I’d be more than concerned with the negative comments.  But, you can read how StyleWe is a fashion designers ‘best friend’.

The website can be hard to read. There are many errors and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. It seems like they might be using Google Translate.

They have updated their website since I first ordered. And, they have updated their shipping information. Read it before you purchase something.

If you have any complaints and are not getting a response via email, try their Facebook page or on SiteJabber, they will (from what I’ve seen) answer you (they did in my case).

I noticed that they don’t always show the different colors of the same dress. You have to click on the designer to see all that is offered by that designer, and it will show you if a dress comes in a different color.

You can search by size, fabric type and designer from a menu on the left hand side.

From the comments return/exchanges can be delayed just as long as purchasing.

  1. Submit a Return/Exchange request on their website.
  2. Email proof of your purchase
  3. Send item back
  4. Wait


More on how you need to return an item.

When I made my order they were using DHL. DHL service is used Europe and Asia. DHL most likely doesn’t have the same amount of hubs that FedEx does so that could account for more delays (at least in the U.S.). It looks like on my order DHL sent it to a USPS center and then delivered to my house. So you can see they possibility for delays. Which is fine. I don’t need a 60.00 dress to arrive the next day.

Overall, I feel that this is a new e-commerce company that may have started in Asia and then decided to go global. It just doesn’t feel like they have enough people to manage it correctly for westerners conditioned to more transparency, instant gratification and better communication.

Plus, as a consumer if you buy something knowing ahead of time that it might take 4-6 weeks it might alleviate any anxiety. Many people left comments thinking the whole company was a sham. If I order again, I will definitely be more chill.


This is the garment I purchased. I deliberately purchased something that wasn’t expensive and was generous in fit.


The fabric is polyester, the back has two layers of sheer, chiffon type fabric. Plus, there are small shoulder pads. You MUST look at the fitting specs for each item, even if it is the same ‘designer’. Looking through the dresses, in some cases I was a small and in others a large. I’m sure everything is “Made in China”.

For this purchase I selected a medium based on the measurements. I was concerned about the sleeves, thought they might be too tight, so I felt good about ordering the medium.

The photos are top notch and there are several views and a zoom feature that you can use.

Quality? It is a 60.00 dress. As a seamstress I can tell you it looks like any other mass produced garment. I would be interested to see some of the higher priced garments and their details fabric etc..

Overall I’m happy with the purchase. Would I buy again? I’m concerned about the fast fashion aspect and working conditions. This site reminds me of similar China based clothing sites that offer dresses, garments etc for 11.99 and such. The garments on StyleWe are touted as designed by independent designers and the designs themselves are very beautiful and modern. I do love what they have on there, no doubt about that.

But, I wonder how much the designers get, who are they and more transparency on that end.  I would love to hear from one of the designers. Why don’t they put one up on their Facebook page instead of the cute puppies and ‘look how I lost 10 pounds” videos. Their Facebook feeds doesn’t seem as professional as I think it could be.


I’ve been looking around for other independent fashion designers, maybe closer to home, that give me the transparency that I want.

These companies look promising and in some cases have been on the scene for several years. The prices vary, some are a little steep for me, so to the sewing machine!

Steven Alan

Of A Kind 

APiece Apart

Have you used StyleWe, what was your experience? Please leave suggestions or comments. Plus, I would love to know if there is other similar sites to StyleWe that have multiple designers on it, but maybe with more info on the designers themselves.


Finished McCalls 7253

Finished my McCalls 7253 skirt awhile back. Finally wore it at a my mom’s birthday dinner. Gotta say I love it! Love the box pleats, love the fabric I picked out from Colorado Fabrics, love it all. Certainly a keeper.

A  few things:

  • I lengthened it a bit because I wanted a classic look to it. But, I’m sure the shorter version would be cute.
  • I lined it with a black silk charmeuse.
  • Hand stitched the hem.
  • Invisible zipper.
  • I think next time I might put the zipper on the side to keep the back pleats looking more evenly placed.
  • After the initial pressing of the pleats by the time I wore it they came undone a bit. My pleats aren’t has crisp as the one on the McCalls pattern envelope or as long.
  • It has a nice high waistband with a bit of contouring to it, so you’re not sewing a rectangle.
  • At one point I forgot to check my iron setting and melted a bit of fabric. Fortunately it wasn’t part of the skirt pieces.
  • Check your iron settings!

The pattern stitched up quick and cute. It’s the type of skirt that you just love wearing, it has an elegant feel to it but it’s really fun at the same time. Just love it!

Side View

View of the waist band and you can see the pleats could use a bit more pressing.



Mccalls 7253

McCalls 7253






Hey, Jill! Whatever Happened To That Core Wardrobe?

Remember that Core Wardrobe thing I was doing? Way back when? I wasn’t really documenting it but I did finish a black dress, black pants and two black skirts. What I haven’t completed is a blouse and a jacket.

Ay, now, here’s the rub.

I love the idea of a Core Wardrobe and I don’t want to give up on it, but I did a couple things wrong and I think if I reorganize I can do it better next time. Here’s what happened.


  1. I made everything in one color and really started to get bored. I’m a color person! Next time I’ll work within a palette of sorts.
  2. I didn’t start out with an arsenal of TNT’s. For many I was starting from scratch and there was fitting, fitting, fitting involved. And, we all know how time consuming that can be. Next time I will have TNT’s at the ready.
  3. The items I made I really don’t wear! The skirts I made are very professional/dressy. The dress is okay but it’s definitely not my fave. And, same with the pants. I’ve even yet to wear it. Next time I’m really going to scrutinize my Imagined Wardrobe vs. Actual Wardrobe needs.
  4. I didn’t really have a schedule down. I think next time working on a deadline of sorts is helpful to me. I need some sort of accountability.

One positive aspect of this experiment is when I go into fabric stores I really look at the fabric and ask myself:  Is this my color? Will this go with more than one item in my closet? Do I really need this yardage? Of course I still answer ‘yes’ to all those questions.

But, I feel marginally better that at the least I have an awareness of my over consumptive fabric/pattern shopping. Awareness is the first step to recovery!

And, that is my experiment with making a Core Wardrobe. I give anyone who does this special props. It’s hard to maintain focus with so much beautiful fabric around and with patterns being as cheap as they are. Our time is so limited and we get so little of it to sew and create I applaud anyone who can even get one damn project done!

I think building a Core Wardrobe can/will be quite rewarding in the end. I’m not giving up!


Oh La La! The French Seam of Indianapolis

My knowledge of Indiana begins and stops at Michael Jackson, Indy 500 and Hoosiers (whatever those are). But, somewhere I heard about The French Seam, maybe on social media or in Threads magazine. And, with a name like that,  it’s hard to forget. Frontier Airlines offers low fares every now and then. I told myself that next time a cheap fare came along I would book a flight out to Indianapolis and visit The French Seam. And, so it came to be.

I flew out to Indianapolis on Saturday October 12. I got in around 2 pm. Popped into my sporty Ford Focus and checked into the Hyatt Place.

I had Siri show me around the area. My first request to Siri was to take me to the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. I figured museums would be located around great neighborhoods. I wasn’t disappointed.  I think there are two contemporary art museums, but the one I located was in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. It’s a cute, funky area, looked like fun bars and eateries around and several thrift and vintage stores, of which I had to stop and visit.


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McCalls 6794 – The Battle For Victory: A Review

Ever have those sewing projects where nothing seems to go right? This pattern was super easy and the problems were not with the pattern but rather the universe (or me).

Mccalls 6794

Looks sweet and innocent.

  • First I cut out the correct view on the front and the wrong view on the back. I fixed it by cutting away at the back view and then piecing together a portion in order to make it all work.
  • Neck opening was too small had to make an adjustment.

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Style 2708: My Moby Dick Of A Dress

The dress represents for me my overall madness for sewing. Madness in a good way and sometimes in a “black heart I stab at thee” madness. That kind of craziness that comes over you and you drive yourself mad trying to figure it out and you’re just stuck in this endless insanity. Usually I have the good sense to bail, but this one, ah, she was different….

2708 Jill caseI bought this pattern back in the 90’s and have always been a big fan of the shirt waist dress. Very popular in the 40’s and 50’s and every other year or so we see it back in various styles. Michael Kors had something along these lines for Spring 2015. All very lady like and really, hands down my favorite look. I think the style of dress is dress at it’s best.

If you like to look through vintage sewing patterns from the 40’s you’ll see this style in many incarnations, some housework casual others lunch with the ladies chic. There are hundreds of patterns new and old that have a similar look. But, for whatever reason I HAD to have this one work. There are a few I have worked on with varying results but always longed for my white whale of a dress: Style 2708. Continue reading

Cultural Approbation vs. Cultural Appreciation & MFA’s Kimono Wednesday

I recently was asked on Instagram about the Kimono Wedensdays that the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston was holding earlier this summer. Museum attendees could try on a kimono similar to the one in Claude Monet’s La Japonaise . On the Instagram post there was a question of “is this fun or racist”. I immediately replied sounds like fun! Turns out a lot of people thought the event was “yellow face” and extremely offensive. As I explored the controversy I was kept up late night exploring my feelings about race, cultural appropriation and the Internet as a extremely unfriendly place for race discussions.


Claude Monet’s La Japonaise

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