Kwik Sew 3766, A Pattern Review

I’ve finally been successful in breaking my sewing slump! I did it with Kwik Sew 3766, a “Kwik Start, Learn-to-Sew” top pattern. The pattern description reads: “Close fitting pull-over tops have self fabric neckbands. View A has a round neckline and full length sleeves. View B has a scoop neckline and short sleeves. Tops are very easy to sew and have special easy-to-follow sewing instructions.” I made the size medium because Kwik Sew, unlike most other commercial sewing patterns, fits true to size. Continue reading

Vogue 1367 – Rebecca Taylor Blouse in JCrew Rayon Twill

Vogue 1367 - Front Side Back Collage

Like Kitty, I’ve been in a sewing slump for the last month. For me the only way out of a slump is to make something I really love, which is a dumb thing to say because I don’t start any project with the intention of hating it. If I was smart I would have picked an easy win, like a pattern I already know fits made out of a fabric I’m really into… but I never sew with that much intention. After abandoning a couple other projects I won’t even name (okay, Burda top I was in love with from the November issue… you let me down big time) this Vogue pattern literally fell out of my closet. It’s a Rebecca Taylor designer pattern and the cover photo was great. If I thought harder about it, I would not have picked a Vogue designer pattern during a slump considering the number of fitting issues they always seem to bring about. (Kitty laughed when I told her I was working on a Vogue designer.) But… I think my slump is over! Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Grey Refashion (Minus Forty Seven)

No, I’ve never read “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and I don’t plan on seeing the movie when it opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day. But I’ve been asked so many times if I’ve read the book that the title stuck in my mind when I decided to refashion several pieces of grey clothing.

Perhaps because of my thrifty ways, I really enjoy refashioning clothing I no longer wear into something I will wear. And as a contributor to the Refashion Co-op blog, I’m required to post at least one refashion per month. Well, my latest refashion post was due a while ago and I have to admit that this is not the first time I’ve gotten a friendly email reminder from the Co-op editor saying my monthly post is overdue. So I needed to whip up a refashion pronto! Since I’ve been on a pullover top kick lately, I decided to stay with that theme.

This top refashion was created from two extremely old and unwearable clothing pieces: a nightgown, and a sleeveless tee. The sleeveless tee fit well, but I never wore it. Sleeveless is not usually a good look for me – my upper arms are rather large. But I’d wear the top if it had sleeves, so I cut away the finished edge at the armhole, and using the sleeve pattern from Kwik Sew 3766, I cut sleeves from my old “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” nightgown. My husband was so happy to see me cutting up that ugly nightgown. I guess in the future when I have a headache I’ll have to take aspirin!

Then I sewed the “nightgown” sleeves to the tee. But the two shades of grey didn’t match at all, and the top looked odd. So I searched my stash for anything else I had in grey and I found the leftover fabric from a pair of men’s pants I originally thrifted for my Pattern Review Handbag Contest Purse. But the pants didn’t match the grey of the tee or the nightgown. So now I had three completely different shades of grey. Sigh.

I put the men’s pants aside and decided to tie the grey from the nightgown arms to the tee color by making appliques from my nightgown scraps for the front of the top. But after adding the light grey circles to the top, it still looked weird. At this point all I had left to work with in grey were the men’s pants. So I cut out some circles from the pants and hoped that by adding another shade of grey I’d create a more interesting color palette on the tee. Well, I kind of like it now, and it certainly hides my arms. So I’m calling this a successful refashion. Mission accomplished!

Kwik Sew 3567, A Pattern Review

For my third sewing slump buster attempt I chose Kwik Sew 3567. I knew I would love this top! Its contrasting side panels and close fit are flattering for my body type – the close fit makes the most of my small bust and the contrasting side panels lengthen and optically slim my short torso. I was sure this pattern would be successful for me. I searched my fabric stash for two coordinating knits and I made sure to pick STRETCH knits this time! Okay, so what could possibly go wrong? Continue reading

Denver Sews Challenge – February 2015 – Show your sewing room!

I can hear the groans from here: Show my sewing room, are you crazy?! Whether you’re lucky enough to have an actual room of your own or you can only sew on the kitchen counter at certain times of the night we should hold our creative spaces near and dear. This challenge is a safe place to show and tell the good, the bad and the ugly about our personal sewing space. Plus, tell what your dream space entails, the sky’s the limit on that one!

Denver Sews Challenge  February

You can blog about your space on your own blog and we’ll reblog it here or you can post pics on Flickr and we’ll post them here to show off, commiserate with or to be in awe of your organizing skills.  We’ll be publishing our posts for this challenge on the week of February 23. If you want to be apart of the challenge be sure to drop me a line when your post is ready on my About Page or at jill.dsc[at]gmail[dot]com and, we’ll get it reblogged.

Now, if you will excuse me I’ve got major cleaning to do!

Image credits: The photos in the collage are not my own, Denver Sews or Denver Sewing Collective. I have researched the original source to the best of my ability and they are listed below.

Image 1

Author “Brene Brown”

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Image 2

Author “Unknown”

Source Helmitara – Flickr

Image 3


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Image 4

Author “Unknown”

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Image 5

Author “Unknown”

Source “Adorable Decor”

Image 6

Source “Anna Marie Horner” – Flickr Page

Kitty’s January Threads Challenge

Originally I was quite excited about Jane’s “I Saw It In Threads Magazine” challenge idea. However, the January challenge proved quite difficult for me! As soon as the theme was announced I flipped through my stack of Threads, purchased from a public library out-of-date magazine sale years ago. With my love of all things vintage, I thought it wouldn’t matter that the projects within were not au courant. I assumed it’d be a no-brainer for me to find a project for the challenge, but no such luck. I did see several interesting ideas while perusing my outdated issues, but for one reason or another, I ended up scrapping all of those possibilities as unworkable. Continue reading

January Challenge – Quick Bias Binding Tip from Threads

This challenge made me realize I need to get a physical subscription to Threads! I converted all my subscriptions to digital some time ago (except Burda, duh) to try and cut down on paper clutter. But after waiting 20 minutes on my iPad for EACH issue to re-download, and then having them all mysteriously disappear the next day so I had to wait for them to download AGAIN… I’ve had it with the digital subscription. Anywho… the thing that caught my eye was this tiny tip on the bottom of a page in the October/November 2014 issue:

Threads Bias Binding Tip

Continue reading