V is for Vogue 1247 – A Pattern Review – AKA: My Vogue Curse

For the 22nd post in my  series, the letter V, I chose to sew Vogue 1247. This pattern is a Rachel Comey design that had tons of favorable reviews in 2011 when the pattern was first issued. The pattern is a skirt and top, and the skirt,  “a semi-fitted A-line with front in-seam pockets” quickly became a favorite with the blogosphere sewing community. Continue reading

Vogue 8645 Summer Dress – Completed

Vogue 8645 Jilly Denver Sews
Have you ever made something that whenever you put it on you feel like Audrey Hepburn or a ballerina, or whatever your feminine ideal is? Well, Vogue 8645 is it for me. I LOVE THIS DRESS. I love its simplicity, I love the fabric I picked, the way it looks everything. And, the funny thing is it’s riddle with sewing errors!

Okay, maybe not riddled, but there are a few things I would do different next time. Continue reading

Paper Piecing – Keeping It Together


Somewhere in my delusional mind, I decided I could someday complete a ridiculously large and complicated paper-pieced quilt that I saw in a book and fell in love with. The book is “A Paper Pieced Garden” by Maaike Bakker and Francoise Maarse. The book is full of beautiful paper-pieced blocks combined with appliques. The cover alone is stunning. Continue reading

Combining Quilting and Clothing Refashion

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to sew quilts. I enjoy the repetitive quality of patchwork. Sewing patchwork is a zen experience for me, but I don’t have the patience anymore to finish an entire quilt top. I’m also terrible at the quilting part and I’ve discovered it’s quite costly to have the quilting done professionally. I’ve tried making small quilted wall hangings instead, but since I’ve never displayed any of them, sewing more wall quilts seems pretty pointless. Continue reading

Burda August 2014 Review (International Edition)

Burda-August-2014 Cover

I’ve been subscribing to Burda for about four years and they seem to cycle through high and low periods. After the last stinker of an issue I expected them to be a slump for a few months but… this issue was surprisingly good! I’ll start with my favorites because I’m a “dessert first” kind of gal. The crazy (in a good way) seamlines in this dress look great colorblocked or in a solid. I love the idea of the print mixing on the left. Or, I could see it in a solid with top-stitching to make the seamlines really pop. Or, how about a mix of black ponte and faux leather? So many possibilities. Continue reading

I’m A Winner! Thanks Infectious Stitches!

Look what I won!
One of the blogs I follow (recently found) is Infectious Stitches. Emmely, the owner of the blog,  is a very handy lady she even made her own clapper, pretty cool.  Emmely was having a giveaway and I put my name in the hat so to speak . It was the Knip Mode July magazine which I’ve always wanted to get and try some of their patterns. Knip Mode is much like Burda in that you need to copy off the patterns and add seam allowances. But, I like their designs, or at least I like the this issues very much. They look very uncomplicated, relaxed and perfect for me. Continue reading

Cynthia Guffey Pants Fitting DVDs – Review


My local library, the Longmont Public Library, has a collection of 31 sewing and fitting DVDs from Cynthia Guffey (she’s the one in the purple jacket above), thanks to the Friends of the Longmont Library. Having pants on my mind, I checked out the two relevant titles: “Pants Fitting” and “Tweaking Pants Crotch Depth Crotch Length”. Try searching for “crotch” at your local library and see what you get. Besides the “Tweaking Pants” DVD, I got a medical guide for cyclists and “American Shaolin: … and the legend of the iron crotch”. Too funny. But I digress. Continue reading