October Sewing Challenge – Jane’s Results: McCalls 6346

M6346 Collage

When Jamie threw down the gauntlet to use a fabric you’ve been hanging onto a longtime, I knew this was the push I needed to finish/redo my failed attempt with Cynthia Rowley’s Simplicity 2406 Continue reading

October’s Sewing Challenge – Suede


I purchased a little piece of leather suede from Colorado Fabrics a few years ago with the intention of trying to make something out of it someday. That day finally came with Jamie’s challenge! I decided to try two things: general sewing and machine embroidery with suede. Continue reading

Anna Sui Silk Kimono (October Challenge)

Anna Sui Silk Panel

Does this fabric look familiar to you? A month ago I laid down a challenge to my fellow DSC bloggers:

Use a fabric that you’ve been hanging onto a long time. We probably all have fabrics in our stash that we love so much we’re afraid to cut into them… but they’re not doing us any good sitting in a closet. Be brave and cut into it! It doesn’t have to be silk or anything fancy, just something you’ve hung onto for awhile. Continue reading

Off-Topic: An analysis of why commercial patterns fall short in fitting standards


Having a hard time fitting patterns? Learn more on how patterns are made, a history of pattern co. and more.

Originally posted on Retro Glam:

Ms. Debra Lee McLendon wrote her Master of Science thesis on the topic of why commercial sewing patterns fail to meet the fitting needs of most of the population here in the United States. As a former patternmaker and designer she is well aware of the shortcomings of commercial patternmakers and pursued this topic in her graduate work.

When I used commercial patterns I was never, ever satisfied with the fit, even after alterations were made. Even now as I read posts and blogs about sewing, I can see how different patterns, even those from the smaller independent companies selling online, can give different bloggers and forum members the same problems. With the high cost of patterns this should not be.

Not everyone has the time to devote to drafting their own patterns and this should not be the only alternative.

I’m still working my way through the almost 160…

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QoM – What does it take to be an Advanced Seamstress?


Most of us that sew a fair amount consider ourselves either Advanced Beginner or Intermediate sewers. We’ve moved past sewing straight lines and we can do things like insert zippers, make wearable clothing sometimes, and tackle a more complicated craft project like a bag with numerous pockets and closures. But what keeps us from calling ourselves Advanced sewers? This is the Question of the Month. What would it take for you to call yourself an Advanced Seamstress? Continue reading

Some Small Things – iPad Stands and Mini Quilt


I love making small things! Lately I’ve wanted to make a mini quilt. I have Carol Doak’s book Easy Paper Pieced Miniatures from 1998. She sells the pre-printed foundation pieces for each quilt from the book on her website here and they’re currently on sale. So I purchased two, one for the Scrap Stars and one for My Little Town. Each quilt is 12.5″ x 12.5″ when finished, so they’re pretty tiny! Continue reading

Chico’s Blouse Refashion

Volunteering certainly has its perks. Meeting people and making new friends while helping out in my community makes volunteering an enjoyable experience for me. But getting things for free doesn’t hurt either! Last week during my volunteer shift at the Humane Society Thrift & Gift store, my friend Sally noticed that one of the donated blouses had stained sleeves. Sally handed me the top and said “Here, we can’t sell this, but you could cut the sleeves off”. Yup, Sally knows me so well! Since the blouse was from Chico’s, my size, perfect except for the bleached sleeves, and in a color I love, I took it home for refashioning. Continue reading