The “I Saw It In Threads Magazine” Challenge!

We have a fantastic challenge in store for January 2015 at DenverSews! It’s the “I Saw It In Threads Magazine” challenge! The challenge, sewing a project from Threads Magazine, was the brainchild of fellow blogger Jane. Unfortunately, Jane is stepping down as a blogger for DenverSews so I (Kitty) am announcing her idea for our January challenge. I want to thank Jane for her contributions to DenverSews and also express how grateful I am to her for inspiring me (and others) to not only sew more dresses, but to finish the interiors of those garments as beautifully as the exteriors! Thanks Jane, you’ll be missed!

We’d love to have YOU join us for the January “I Saw It In Threads Magazine” challenge! To do so just pick a project or technique from any issue of Threads Magazine and post your completed project photos on our flickr page here. The January Challenge will be posted during the week of January 19th, 2015. Happy Sewing!

Vintage Sewing Challenge – Jill’s Vogue 9428 Skirt Pattern

I love vintage sewing patterns! I was way too excited for this challenge. I had planned on finishing my vintage cape, but I’m a bit off on that one. I found this pattern at the ASG Denver Fabric sale back in September. I love the loose styles of the 70’s and that whole Studio 54 vibe that I never did experience but it sure did look fun!

Secondly, I’m totally into elastic waist free flowing skirts and really had an itch in the dead of winter to make one. This skirt is not wearable right now with 30 degree temps.

Vintage skirt
The Details

  • It is made from a rayon from Colorado Fabrics, will look cute in spring and summer.
  • All the seams are French seams
  • The skirt is not as voluminous as the drawing depicts but still cute.
  • I sewed one pocket in I decided to forgo pockets. They’re way to shallow for actual use, so why have them? I didn’t feel like drafting deeper pockets, but will next time.
  • I also liked the elastic casing which is just pre-made bias tape. I’ve never done a casing like that, but I sure do like it.
  • Didn’t feel like taking a photo of me in it. Sorry!

All in all I will make this skirt again. But, with deeper pockets.

December Challenge: Simplicity 1459

This challenge gave me a much needed excuse to do something I’ve never done before – sew up a vintage pattern. I had a grand total of 3 vintage patterns in my collection that I’ve actually paid money for (and a few more that people gave me), so I pulled out those. Are you sensing a common theme in these 3 patterns?

Vintage Pattern Collage

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December Challenge: A Vintage Grumpy Care Bear


My daughter has a large collection of Care Bears, purchased in the early 2000s by her mother. I love these little bears, but thought some were a little far removed from the original collection of Care Bears from the 80s: Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear. I mean, really, who is “Share Bear” or “Harmony Bear”? These must be the politically-correct cousins. Anyway, I always thought Grumpy Bear was underrepresented. I’m generally a happy person, but sometimes I’m just masking a melancholy undercurrent of holiday anxiety. Anyway, a vintage challenge is a fabulous opportunity to finally make that Grumpy Bear pattern I purchased on eBay a few years ago (Butterick 6228). And if you don’t believe it’s vintage, try and decipher this copyright year: MCMLXXXIII. Continue reading

The Vintage Sewing Challenge!


The DenverSews Sewing Challenge for this week is “Vintage”. I asked the DenverSews bloggers to use either a vintage pattern, a new vintage-style pattern, vintage fabric, (or both), or to interpret vintage in their own way. As a lover of all things vintage, I’ve been looking forward to this challenge and to seeing what my sewing friends have created! Continue reading

Jalie 3248 – Gold Drop Pocket Sweater

Jalie 3248 Gold Drop Pocket Sweater - Front Side Back CollageThis was a quick and easy make – Jalie 3248. I bought the pattern probably a year ago already and left it lying around because I didn’t have the perfect reversible fabric in my stash to inspire me to sew it up. A couple weeks ago I was at JoAnn’s (just to get zippers… you know how that goes) and picked up this neat fabric. It’s a gold and black variegated knit that has some kind of gold lame finish applied to one side. (I *think* this is the fabric – it was part of the Gilded Age collection still in stores.) When I saw it I thought of my Jalie pattern instantly. Continue reading

A Little Christmas Sewing


Christmas is probably the only holiday I get excited to do some sewing for. This year I had ambitions to finish a Christmas-themed quilt called “First Snow” from Quilters Newsletter Magazine. I got all of the houses done, but did not make a single tree. Oh well, there’s always next year! Continue reading