McCalls 6794 – The Battle For Victory: A Review

Ever have those sewing projects where nothing seems to go right? This pattern was super easy and the problems were not with the pattern but rather the universe (or me).

Mccalls 6794
Looks sweet and innocent.
    • First I cut out the correct view on the front and the wrong view on the back. I fixed it by cutting away at the back view and then piecing together a portion in order to make it all work.
    • Neck opening was too small had to make an adjustment.

see the diffference
Didn’t cut the right view
square up the side
Squaring it all up right
side sewn
Attaching enough to make the correct view
  • I didn’t have enough fabric (since I made the repair) to make the belt. So, I found a contrasting fabric. Perfect.
  • I washed the fabric, no problem. But, when I put it in the dryer and added a dryer sheet to remove static, the dryer sheet transferred an oil in blotches all over the fabric. There was barely 5 inches of clean space.
  • I cut the ties to short and had to add extensions.
  • Due to all the extra repair work I didn’t have enough original fabric to make the bias binding. Back to the gold fabric to see what I could salvage.
  • Ripped out binding three times to get it to work (sort of did in the end)
  • When I tried the blouse on I forgot I had a barrette on and it got caught on the neckline snagging it from shoulder to shoulder seam.
  • Interfacing is a too stiff, should have used a lighter weight one on the belt area.

Despite all that, this blouse represents for me the day I told myself that my sewing skills warrant me buying the good stuff.  My sewing skills are moving above and beyond and I think it’s about time I started using fabric to reflect my move into advance level sewing. Sure, not everything I make is $$$, but allowing myself to buy the good stuff every now and then feels good. Besides,  with all that went wrong with this blouse, the fact that I was able to salvage it and not just toss it aside reinforces my decision as a sound one.

The fabric is a silk charmeuse from Elfriedes of Boulder.



  1. If you didn’t share your strategy for salvaging the blouse I would not have known. It looks so perfect as if it was meant to be this way. I love the colors. They remind me of irises and daffodils in the spring.


  2. This top is very pretty and I’d love to see it on you! I tried creating this last summer and the pattern failed miserably! I believe I should have made a muslin but didn’t!


  3. Jill, I stopped using those dryer sheets a long time ago. Part of the reason was all those pesky oily spots: most of them wash out but not always all. This blouse is beautiful and a great showcase for the fabric you chose. I, too, would like to see you in it!


  4. Jill your determination resulted in a beautiful blouse. The colors are really nice. You must take a picture of you in this blouse. Nice fabric makes your garment even better.


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