A Review

Have you heard or visited the clothing site StyleWe?  Is it worth it to spend $$ here? Is it legit? Read on for a review.

StyleWe has a beautiful selection of modern fashion clothes. But, if you visit their Facebook page or SiteJabber you’ll notice a lot of negative complaints. Here’s my experience with StyleWe.

I ordered the below garment on and expected it to arrive within 2 weeks time based on their shipping information. You’re given a tracking number to follow your package. As I checked on it, it seemed to be stuck in Hong Kong for about a week. I emailed StyleWe’s customer service and after a couple of days received a reply. But, it was a form letter stating how sorry they were about me wanting to return my item. Uh?

I replied back saying I hadn’t even gotten my item yet and wanted to know the status. At this point I was getting nervous about one, giving them my credit card information and two, maybe all the negative comments I had read on the Facebook fan page were true.

About 2 days later I received an email stating that it got hung up in customs and to be patient. Good with me, at least I heard back from someone. Funny, how you feel like a little kid rushing to the mailbox every day, peering in, did it come yet!?

Week four I received an email saying it was in Kentucky.

A little more than five weeks and finally arrived in my mailbox.

Here’s my observations


First, it’s from China, but they may have someone in New York managing things, social media etc. Plus, the photos are very professional and highly styled.

They state that these are independent designers although I have yet to find an actual designer on Instagram or anywhere for that matter. My ‘designer’ is ElenYun. But, I can’t find any information on her beyond what is on their website.

If I was a designer on this site I’d be more than concerned with the negative comments.  But, you can read how StyleWe is a fashion designers ‘best friend’.

The website can be hard to read. There are many errors and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. It seems like they might be using Google Translate.

They have updated their website since I first ordered. And, they have updated their shipping information. Read it before you purchase something.

If you have any complaints and are not getting a response via email, try their Facebook page or on SiteJabber, they will (from what I’ve seen) answer you (they did in my case).

I noticed that they don’t always show the different colors of the same dress. You have to click on the designer to see all that is offered by that designer, and it will show you if a dress comes in a different color.

You can search by size, fabric type and designer from a menu on the left hand side.

From the comments return/exchanges can be delayed just as long as purchasing.

  1. Submit a Return/Exchange request on their website.
  2. Email proof of your purchase
  3. Send item back
  4. Wait


More on how you need to return an item.

When I made my order they were using DHL. DHL service is used Europe and Asia. DHL most likely doesn’t have the same amount of hubs that FedEx does so that could account for more delays (at least in the U.S.). It looks like on my order DHL sent it to a USPS center and then delivered to my house. So you can see they possibility for delays. Which is fine. I don’t need a 60.00 dress to arrive the next day.

Overall, I feel that this is a new e-commerce company that may have started in Asia and then decided to go global. It just doesn’t feel like they have enough people to manage it correctly for westerners conditioned to more transparency, instant gratification and better communication.

Plus, as a consumer if you buy something knowing ahead of time that it might take 4-6 weeks it might alleviate any anxiety. Many people left comments thinking the whole company was a sham. If I order again, I will definitely be more chill.


This is the garment I purchased. I deliberately purchased something that wasn’t expensive and was generous in fit.


The fabric is polyester, the back has two layers of sheer, chiffon type fabric. Plus, there are small shoulder pads. You MUST look at the fitting specs for each item, even if it is the same ‘designer’. Looking through the dresses, in some cases I was a small and in others a large. I’m sure everything is “Made in China”.

For this purchase I selected a medium based on the measurements. I was concerned about the sleeves, thought they might be too tight, so I felt good about ordering the medium.

The photos are top notch and there are several views and a zoom feature that you can use.

Quality? It is a 60.00 dress. As a seamstress I can tell you it looks like any other mass produced garment. I would be interested to see some of the higher priced garments and their details fabric etc..

Overall I’m happy with the purchase. Would I buy again? I’m concerned about the fast fashion aspect and working conditions. This site reminds me of similar China based clothing sites that offer dresses, garments etc for 11.99 and such. The garments on StyleWe are touted as designed by independent designers and the designs themselves are very beautiful and modern. I do love what they have on there, no doubt about that.

But, I wonder how much the designers get, who are they and more transparency on that end.  I would love to hear from one of the designers. Why don’t they put one up on their Facebook page instead of the cute puppies and ‘look how I lost 10 pounds” videos. Their Facebook feeds doesn’t seem as professional as I think it could be.


I’ve been looking around for other independent fashion designers, maybe closer to home, that give me the transparency that I want.

These companies look promising and in some cases have been on the scene for several years. The prices vary, some are a little steep for me, so to the sewing machine!

Steven Alan

Of A Kind 

APiece Apart

Have you used StyleWe, what was your experience? Please leave suggestions or comments. Plus, I would love to know if there is other similar sites to StyleWe that have multiple designers on it, but maybe with more info on the designers themselves.




  1. There was a blouse I loved on the StyleWe site by Kelly Zhang who’s label was Arne. Suddenly, the blouse and the rest of her designs were no longer available. One day I noticed one of her skirts in an online ad for Dezzal . Made me think she was legit. Only problem was they had all her old stuff, and some new – but no blouse. If I was industrious I could make it as I have all the measurements from the StyleWe site. I did spot some known-ish designers on StyleWe plus their submissions guidelines also give them credence. Loved the sweater I got from them too.


  2. I purchased three dresses last August to possibly wear to a wedding. They arrived two weeks later without any problems. I live in Los Angeles California so I know I am the first stop from China. I knew they were made in in China by cheap Chinese labor and was willing to take a risk. The dresses were worth the $49, $59, and about $99 i spend on each. None fit me to my great disappointment as they were all cut for a youthful thin junior type figure. All were short waist ed and no room for boobs at all. I am regular size 12, Not fat but but I do have breasts. I ordered a XXL in the one dress I liked best suspecting the sizing might be running very small based on the looks of the models on the website. That dress fit me everywhere but the chest. If I were 17 and straight up and down it would have been perfect. I did not ever consider a return as I knew they were from CHINA and did not think the return process would go well. I thought the dresses were nicely made and for the price, just fine. The expensive one was very full, fabric lovely quality, and lush and fully lined in the bodice. A far as complaining about designers, ANYONE who creates something is a designer. So their statement is not untruthful. I will not buy from them again because I know the clothes won’t fit me. Wish they did. I gave to my scrawny shaped girlfriend. She is in love and want to buy off the site. I do not think they are a scam company like some others out of China.


  3. The worst confusing experience ever.
    I ordered a dress(for my friend , who didn’t have a paypal account) and although the money was taken out the day of purchase, it has been over 2 weeks and they tell me that the item is on its way.
    They gave me a tracking number and it shows that the item was not shipped until 7/6(12 days after order) and is in New Jersey.
    Will see but not convinced.


    • How effective would BBB be for an international company? This company obviously does not care about customer service and I would say targeting American consumers for fraudulent purposes. Should the Attorney General get involved? If this was an American company they would be prosecuted and shut down not sure how international companies work. I hate to see people duped.


  4. I have ordered a few items and will not be ordering any more. 1) Shipping takes a long time. 2) Sizes are hit and miss, even if you go by the measurements. 3) One dress had rips on the sleeve and the customer service rep will not issue a return authorization because the description of the dress says “orange” and my photo of the sleeve is orange and yellow.


  5. I had a horrible experience shopping here. I too was taken in by the adorable and unique clothing. After months of looking, I carefully selected a dress and took my measurements to be sure I had the right size. The dress came much later than expected and, when it arrived, I was shocked by how cheap it looked. I mean, Wal Mart CHEAP but not Wal Mart prices. It can’t possibly be the same dress as the one in the picture. Plus, the hook on the dress was defective. The dress was also very loose and lumpy looking. Just HIDEOUS.

    The day after I tried on the dress, I asked for a return address as they do not give you a return address at the outset. They would not let me return or exchange it. They didn’t care that I was a first-time purchaser. I BEGGED them to let me return it, especially since it was defective.

    NO DICE!

    I am stuck with an ugly ass dress – I look like an overstuffed penguin.



    • You would think they would change their business model. People apparently want their clothing. Too bad the service is so bad. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.


  6. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be legit. The photos on the site show are the kind of dresses I dream of finding at the store! I would actually like shopping if such beautiful clothing was available.

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    • I know, that’s what keep me going to the website, just to look. You can’t find those designs in stores. Well someone needs to see these comments and start a real store.


  7. I do not like the lying and cheating aspect of this site. They said they were based in japan. More and more of these ecommerce sites are targeting western consumers with pictures of fashion items that look great. BUt in reality are cheap knockoffs of designer styles they see in the fashion magazines. Don’t be stupid. this is fraud.


  8. Thank you for your post! I purchased a pair of shoes from DressWe that I was going to wear for my wedding. I had the same shipping experience but when I finally got them, they looked like they were made in someone’s garage. They were different sizes, (though said the same size), and whoever cut out the shoe inside had to have been under 5 years old. I had to laugh until I thought about the $100 I spent. They never returned emails. Won’t take the chance.

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  9. I highly doubt there are any “designers” at Stylewe, and I’ll tell you why. I noticed a beautiful jacket on Stylewe some months back. It was a little out of my budget (approx. $600, as I recall), but I saved it to Favorites for future reference. Then I had the bright idea to see if the same jacket was available elsewhere cheaper. It sure was—NOT! The Stylewe jacket was a Gucci knockoff! I’m pretty sure a lot, if not most, of the clothes there are pirated. So for that reason, and probably because they don’t pay their seamstress very much, I don’t think I’ll be shopping there, much as I like their clothes.

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    • I have been wondering about the same things, their designers and seamstress. I’ve seen clothes of same designs carrying different designer names. Also, the quality of their products are very bad. The cuts and other details along with the cheap materials used tell me that those clothes are being made by either unskilled or inexperienced people. I don’t know much about making clothes but I do recognize good or bad qualities of final products.


  10. I’ve ordered 3-items from StyleWe & I have 4-comments regarding quality, size, returns & delivery time. Fabric quality is warranted for StyleWe initial prices. Prices doubled in just a few months; however fabric quality remains better for some designs versus others.

    I used different designers, but only one of the 3-items fit. After reading about nightmare returns, I’m reluctant to return the other 2 outfits. The 1st 2-deliveries arrived in 8-days; however, the 3rd item was hung up in customs. I received it after 14-days.

    Overall, I rate StyleWe 5-stars for design, because their fashions are unique. However, their designers need a better understanding of the body-type of their intended market. Because of the huge inconsistency in sizing, I give StyleWe an overall score of 3-1/2 stars out of a possible 5, if 5 is the highest.

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  11. Check out Art of Cloth. I have purchased many pieces over the years including a coat. Each piece is created and made by women located outside Cleveland OH. They wash beautifully and last for years. Moreover, they are unique. There’s nothing not to like.

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  12. Love the fashion forward designs. Return rate for me is a big 50%. Paying for return shipping has bothered me-I feel like I’ve just paid for the experience for trying something on! Returns were because of misrepresenting color and sizing . As careful as I am-still some items don’t fit. I am reluctant to give up ordering as the designs and styling is so perfect for my personality.

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  13. I read this post AFTER I’d already placed an order with Stylewe. I knew I was taking a risk but I saw a couple I pieces it seemed worth gambling on. One of the is the same dress you featured!! Hoping it doesn’t take 5 weeks. I am realistic about the quality for the price. Thanks for your review. Very through.

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  14. I love the clothing on the stylewe website. Unfortunately the fit is weird and the fabric is cheap. Fortunately returns were easy. I tried it twice. I really wanted it to work out.

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  15. I ordered two similar dresses which is one for me and my best friend. What surprised me was both of us tried out the same dress size S;but it doesn’t fit right. It doesn’t made for Americans.
    Another issue was when we browsed StyleWe website, we found out the same dress came with different designers and with different prices. Beware! We sent them an email and took them weeks to reply. Their explanations are they came from different designers, so the material should be different. They refused to issue refund.


  16. I ordered two coats and they look exactly as they should but the fitted coat doesn’t fit right across the shoulders and chest, too tight! I ordered up one size (M) thinking I could at least get it altered if too big as I usually wear a small, I will return and order another looser style coat as they have so many fabulous designs. Keep in mind that the fabric is not going to be top grade but the prices are so low and the designs are wonderful. I used Pay Pal and my order was shipped within 7 days. I always have my online orders shipped to work, I would never trust shippers leaving it outside my front door.

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