Finished McCalls 7253

Finished my McCalls 7253 skirt awhile back. Finally wore it at a my mom’s birthday dinner. Gotta say I love it! Love the box pleats, love the fabric I picked out from Colorado Fabrics, love it all. Certainly a keeper.

A  few things:

  • I lengthened it a bit because I wanted a classic look to it. But, I’m sure the shorter version would be cute.
  • I lined it with a black silk charmeuse.
  • Hand stitched the hem.
  • Invisible zipper.
  • I think next time I might put the zipper on the side to keep the back pleats looking more evenly placed.
  • After the initial pressing of the pleats by the time I wore it they came undone a bit. My pleats aren’t has crisp as the one on the McCalls pattern envelope or as long.
  • It has a nice high waistband with a bit of contouring to it, so you’re not sewing a rectangle.
  • At one point I forgot to check my iron setting and melted a bit of fabric. Fortunately it wasn’t part of the skirt pieces.
  • Check your iron settings!

The pattern stitched up quick and cute. It’s the type of skirt that you just love wearing, it has an elegant feel to it but it’s really fun at the same time. Just love it!

Side View

View of the waist band and you can see the pleats could use a bit more pressing.



Mccalls 7253
McCalls 7253







  1. Have you ever set pleats with white vinegar? Test first, of course and I have used this on many types of fabrics, washable and not. Dilute white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on the pleats and press to set. Let the pleats cool and dry before moving.


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