Vogue 8645 My Favorite Summer Dress

This dress pattern is probably my all-time favorite. I’ve sewn it up 4 times. It’s out-of-print but you can find it online still. It’s super easy and could easily be drafted.

I could make one for every day of the week. It looks great in prints and solids. This version I made using a navy green fabric of mysterious content. I bought this at a American Sewing Guild fabric sale. I lined it with a printed chiffon I had lying around. French seams throughout plus, pockets ladies!

Here are the versions so far. The 4th version I donated. Didn’t turn out as I would have liked. 😦

Vogue 8645
Vogue 8645 First one.
Vogue 8645
3rd Version of V8645 – 2017 Fabric from Minerva Crafts

Vogue 8645

Vogue 8645 OOP


  1. I LOVE the long flowing one! It just looks fun to wear!

    Those deep V-necks are tricky! For me at least.
    1 – I end up with a rolling knot of fabric where a crisp V should be 😦
    2 – Got nuthin’ to fill the fabric ;o) I suppose I could mod it higher.

    Something I realized about the waists on dresses: they made me look preggo even when I was a stick because my hips are rotated forward. Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Not swayback tho. I almost think starting PT would be easier than trying to force a pattern into a body dysfunction.

    But the long version of the dress with no belt….

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