Me Made May 2018 Is Here!

Me Made May is an entire month devoted to showing off what you’ve made. You can sew, crochet, knit, bead whatever the medium, all you need to do is create and you don’t even need to share it on social. Thousands of sewcialists, seamstresses, sewists, sew and make garments and wear it throughout the month of May. The challenge is to wear something every day of May that you have made.

Me Made May 2018


Last year was the first year that I participate for the entire month. To be honest it wasn’t that hard to wear something I made. I have a lot of handmade, me made clothing. The hard part was taking the dang photos!

Zoe of Zo So started Me Made May as a way to challenge garment sewers. You can follow Zoe’s plan for the official version of MMM. Or simply celebrate wearing your own made items. You don’t need to start right on May 1st if you go your own way. Some people just show off one thing that they’ve made. You don’t have to make the item in May. It just has to be made and not store bought. It’s a month devoted to celebrating and showing off the things that you have made.

The timing of MMM is perfect, right after Fashion Revolution’s “Who Made Your Clothes campaign, it brings awareness to fast fashion, sustainable fashion and livable wages to factory workers.

The best and most inspiring part is seeing what everyone is making. Follow the #mmmay18 and you’ll see all kinds of great makes. This year I vow not to get all hung up on the darn photo taking and just post!

I’ll be posting all my Me Mades on Instagram. Leave your Instagram account name in the comments section below and I’ll follow you!



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