Fabric Painting + Make Your Own Scarf

We have an extra special meet up coming soon. We have studio space reserved for a paint your own scarf day. On May 20 from 12:30 -2:00 we’ll meet at 24 West Lemon and Jennifer (owner and concept creator) will walk us through how to create our own one-of-a-kind hand-painted scarves.

It’s all very simple. First you pick the size of scarf you’d like. There are three sizes to choose from:

Small   — 12”x30” ($29)
Medium — 18”x 60” ($39)
Large — 26”x72” ($49)

Next, you pick the design templates or if you like you can use a design of your own. You pick the colors and get to painting. After you are done, leave the scarf and a background color that you choose will be printed on your design and fabric. After it is completed it will be mailed to you.

24 West Lemon
Image from 24 West Lemon

The whole thing takes about 90 minutes or so at the studio. We can bring our own snacks and beverages if we like. It’s a relaxing and creative way to spend with old and new friends. I’m so excited for this! Reserve a spot on our Meetup page today!


Denver Sewing Collective
Getty Image

For more information on 24 West Lemon check out their website here.  

To sign up for the Meetup go here! 

Denver Sewing Collective

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