Learn To Sew With Burda Style Patterns

BurdaStyle patterns. Love ’em or leave ’em?

For those new to BurdaStyle patterns, there are two choices. One, you can purchase patterns in a brick and mortar store like Joann’s or at online retailers. These are licensed via Simplicity. The patterns have seam allowances and include decent directions. They look just like other big 4 patterns.

Next, there are the BurdaStyle patterns that come from the magazine. BurdaStyle magazine is originally printed in German and then reprinted in multiple languages including Russian and Portugues. I get BurdaStyle magazine through work and I receive the UK version.

Sewing With BurdaStyle Patterns - Getty Image
Is she devising a plan for world domination or just trying to figure out a BurdaStyle pattern?

In the magazine, there are up to 40+ different patterns located in the center section of the magazine. This is what it looks like:  Crazy isn’t it?

HOw to sew with BurdaStyle Sewing Patterns
Sewing pattern in German-Russian language.


No one comes close to the high fashion sewing patterns that are BurdaStyle. Plus, at a US price point of 5.99, the price can’t be beaten. There are folks who find cutting, pasting and the lack of seam allowances to be a turnoff, but judging solely by their Facebook and Instagram numbers BurdaStyle patterns are hugely popular and have no signs of stopping or doing things differently.

If you are interested in sewing with BurdaStyle patterns join us at the Denver Sewing Collective on April 12 from 6-9pm when our resident expert Jamie will give us tips and tricks for making that nuclear sub schematic into a gorgeous garment. We’ll have lots of patterns and magazines for you to take home and start sewing up your own BurdaStyle wardrobe.

The Meetup starts at 6:00pm and goes until 9:00pm. The details and address are on our Meetup page.





  1. I love Jilly’s work. Her work is so professional, makes one want to get back into sewing. Keep up the great


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