Watch 1st Episode of BluPrint’s Re:Fashion with Marci Harriell

Many of you have probably heard that Craftsy has now rebranded itself as Bluprint.

Craftsy will still have the same great classes for creative learning but since NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment became a major shareholder, things are shaking up for types of content and how we view online classes.

Re:Fashion BluPrint Marci Harriell
Image: BluPrint

There are all kinds of changes going on naturally, you can read a great synopsis from the Craft Industry Alliance . Also more from Built In Colorado.  Most importantly is

“ will continue to operate and customers will be able to access the a la carte classes they’ve previously purchased and continue to buy classes, patterns, and supplies as they do now.” – Craft Industry Alliance

I watched Marci Harriell’s new class Re:Fashion (you can watch the first episode free here ) because 1) I was interested it what the class was all about and 2) I love Marci and her unique way of bringing sewing to the world.

Re:Fashion BluPrint Marci Harriell
Image: BluPrint

Also, is that her house? ‘Cause it’s amazing! If not, it’s a very cool set. This video was only 8 minutes long? Seemed a lot longer. Of course it’s engaging and fun (Marci really likes the placket), but I also learned her tiny hem technique which I’m definitely going to use. For refashioning ideas and sewing I think this series will be great,  and look forward to seeing other sewing and creative classes that will be coming down the pipe.

What do you think? Have you tried out any new classes? Have you experienced any issues?


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