Denver Maker Faire 2017 & You!

Denver Maker Faire 2017 is coming and coming soon! This year’s faire will be October 14 and 15 at the Denver Mart. If you have not been to one of these they are absolutely fantastic. This year Denver Sewing Collective is partnering up with Colorado Fabrics, we’ll have a large area to show off why sewing is the best maker activity around. Plus, folks that stop by can make something for themselves. (Because this event is all about making and creating after all.)

The Denver Maker Faire is a great way to expose a lot of people to the wonders and thrills of sewing. I’ve had the pleasure of being at one  Maker Faire and I can’t tell you how wonderful they are ( You can read my recap here). You meet the most amazing people and experience first-hand the joys of making in so many creative ways.

What I need are a few trusty volunteers to help out. If you can volunteer, we’re looking for people who can help out with the simple sewing project. Shifts run about 2-3 hours. In return, you will receive free access to the event, plus something special from Colorado Fabrics and Denver Sewing Collective.

Please let me know here in the comments section and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Or, if you’re ready to sign up, please fill out the time you are available here:


Thanks so much and I hope to work with you at the Denver Maker Faire!


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