3/4 Circle Skirt with Vintage Fabric

I’ve had this vintage fabric for a while, four yards of a poly blend. It’s very light and airy and I love the colors. I bought it at an antique flea market about 2 years ago. Obviously fabric like this I made sure I would make something that I would get a lot of wear out of. I initially wanted a full circle skirt but in order to save precious yardage I opted for a 3/4 circle skirt, using only about 2 yards.

I flat lined the skirt in a fun purple and Hong Kong finished the one and only seam. I hemmed it all up with navy blue purchased binding giving the skirt a bit of flare. An invisible zip completes this perfect summer skirt.

3/4 circle skirt

Kinda love this skirt

3/4 circle skirt

Glimpse of the purple lining.



Notice it’s not as full, only 3/4.

More twirling.

Are we done?


Hong Kong seam finish and bound hem.

circle skirt

Detail of fab fabric.


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