#Project3:33 Fall/Winter Months

I’m surprised as anyone that I’ve actually gotten a post up. Good news, I am still following the 3:33 plan and I’m having a lot of fun with it. More to my surprise I made it three months and went a little bit longer so that I could start my next three months at the start of November 1.

Project 333

Our November here in Colorado has been very mild to say the least. Many of us have been wearing shorts and flip flops until only recently. But, I put away all my spring and summer clothes and made the clothing transition to fall and winter stock.

This time I stuck with 38 pieces of which I feel I’ll be editing down that number before the three months are up. Still have not been able to edit my accessories. I love scarves and jewelry too much. Shoes are off limits too.

I have added some basics to my wardrobe. Two Breton striped tees are in the mix now. I bought them at Target and they are incredibly soft with a bit of Modal in them. These were 9.99 on sale, quite a steal considering J. Crew had them at 24.00 and I’ve seen them as high as 40.00!

Below are a few wardrobe pics from the last round. I found the beige circle skirt I made from a vintage Vogue is way versatile. And, of course I wear a lot of jeans, but I pair them with sewn blouses.

Stay tuned to what I come up with for fall and winter! Plus, I’ve added in a sweater coat and some really amazing pieces that I recently sewed, can wait to show off them off.

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