Project 333: First 2 Weeks

Below is a selection of some of the 38 items that I pulled for my first 3 months of the Project 333. I started July 21 . For whatever reason the  thumbnail grid won’t keep in chronological order, but you get the idea.

Project 333

I didn’t bother photographing my weekends of late, because all I’m doing is schlepping around in gross shorts and stuff. If a garment hasn’t been sewn by me it’s usually from a thrift shop or a discount store.

Some observations

  • My mirror is really dirty.
  • I like to wear jeans with jackets.
  • I have a lot of separates and just a couple of dresses.
  • The pants in photo 6 came apart at the inseam.
  • I’m real enjoy getting up in the morning.
  • The bedroom & closet is a breeze to maintain.
  • I’ve got a long way to go.
  • I can see this having a positive effect on my sewing. More to follow on that!



  1. Dirty mirror, so you had to get a new one? 🙂 You look all hip and mod in the Levi’s shot. I’m curious how you’ll pan this out for 3 months. I did a 3 week retreat and have no clue how to mix and match, so just packed EVERYTHING. Good thing I donated more than half my stuff – and half my fabric! I had quite a few “well it’s nice and all, and I had a great idea when I got it, but it’s not something I’d ever actually wear…” stashes. On sale so had to get it (?), or a “good mood spree” through Colorado Fabrics pre-cuts. Lots of “oh, so *that’s* what ‘otoman’ means….” and other lessons in the tactiles.

    Noted the ‘after’ closet was brighter, or maybe just more balanced. I’m having fun vicariously through you 🙂

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    • I did get a new mirror. And, then a kid immediately broke it. So, got another one. Can you come to a meetup? I saw a skinny tall chick with black hair and I thought of you. Hope you are doing well.


  2. I love the photos of your outfits Jill – you always look so chic! I’m looking forward to the post on how Project 333 has positively effected your sewing. I could use some sewing inspiration!

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