#Project3:33 Fall/Winter Months

I’m surprised as anyone that I’ve actually gotten a post up. Good news, I am still following the 3:33 plan and I’m having a lot of fun with it. More to my surprise I made it three months and went a little bit longer so that I could start my next three months at the start of November 1.

Project 333

Our November here in Colorado has been very mild to say the least. Many of us have been wearing shorts and flip flops until only recently. But, I put away all my spring and summer clothes and made the clothing transition to fall and winter stock.

This time I stuck with 38 pieces of which I feel I’ll be editing down that number before the three months are up. Still have not been able to edit my accessories. I love scarves and jewelry too much. Shoes are off limits too.

I have added some basics to my wardrobe. Two Breton striped tees are in the mix now. I bought them at Target and they are incredibly soft with a bit of Modal in them. These were 9.99 on sale, quite a steal considering J. Crew had them at 24.00 and I’ve seen them as high as 40.00!

Below are a few wardrobe pics from the last round. I found the beige circle skirt I made from a vintage Vogue is way versatile. And, of course I wear a lot of jeans, but I pair them with sewn blouses.

Stay tuned to what I come up with for fall and winter! Plus, I’ve added in a sweater coat and some really amazing pieces that I recently sewed, can wait to show off them off.


Project 333: First 2 Weeks

Below is a selection of some of the 38 items that I pulled for my first 3 months of the Project 333. I started July 21 . For whatever reason the  thumbnail grid won’t keep in chronological order, but you get the idea.

Project 333

I didn’t bother photographing my weekends of late, because all I’m doing is schlepping around in gross shorts and stuff. If a garment hasn’t been sewn by me it’s usually from a thrift shop or a discount store.

Some observations

  • My mirror is really dirty.
  • I like to wear jeans with jackets.
  • I have a lot of separates and just a couple of dresses.
  • The pants in photo 6 came apart at the inseam.
  • I’m real enjoy getting up in the morning.
  • The bedroom & closet is a breeze to maintain.
  • I’ve got a long way to go.
  • I can see this having a positive effect on my sewing. More to follow on that!


Minimalist Wardrobe: Project 333

Okay, I’m at it again. Have you read about Project 333  – Be More With Less? Project 333 is “the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months” (Courtney Carver: Project 333 blog)Fairly simple.  This core wardrobe/minimalist wardrobe is wearing only 33 items and every 3 months you trade/switch up to a different 33 items.

You can read all the details of Courtney’s plan and its origins here. The 33 items in her plan include shoes, clothing items AND accessories. My plan is a bit different because separating myself from that much of my clothing, shoes and accessories was too stressful to think about. My modified plan is as follows. Continue reading

Hey, Jill! Whatever Happened To That Core Wardrobe?

Remember that Core Wardrobe thing I was doing? Way back when? I wasn’t really documenting it but I did finish a black dress, black pants and two black skirts. What I haven’t completed is a blouse and a jacket.

Ay, now, here’s the rub.

I love the idea of a Core Wardrobe and I don’t want to give up on it, but I did a couple things wrong and I think if I reorganize I can do it better next time. Here’s what happened.


  1. I made everything in one color and really started to get bored. I’m a color person! Next time I’ll work within a palette of sorts.
  2. I didn’t start out with an arsenal of TNT’s. For many I was starting from scratch and there was fitting, fitting, fitting involved. And, we all know how time consuming that can be. Next time I will have TNT’s at the ready.
  3. The items I made I really don’t wear! The skirts I made are very professional/dressy. The dress is okay but it’s definitely not my fave. And, same with the pants. I’ve even yet to wear it. Next time I’m really going to scrutinize my Imagined Wardrobe vs. Actual Wardrobe needs.
  4. I didn’t really have a schedule down. I think next time working on a deadline of sorts is helpful to me. I need some sort of accountability.

One positive aspect of this experiment is when I go into fabric stores I really look at the fabric and ask myself:  Is this my color? Will this go with more than one item in my closet? Do I really need this yardage? Of course I still answer ‘yes’ to all those questions.

But, I feel marginally better that at the least I have an awareness of my over consumptive fabric/pattern shopping. Awareness is the first step to recovery!

And, that is my experiment with making a Core Wardrobe. I give anyone who does this special props. It’s hard to maintain focus with so much beautiful fabric around and with patterns being as cheap as they are. Our time is so limited and we get so little of it to sew and create I applaud anyone who can even get one damn project done!

I think building a Core Wardrobe can/will be quite rewarding in the end. I’m not giving up!


March Challenge – UFO: Everything In Its Place Bag


I bought the Sew Sturdy Travel Organizers Craftsy class last August! I love trying to make structured bags and I just couldn’t resist something that looked like a suitcase. But I was dismayed that I needed some specialty items that I didn’t already have: Soft and Stable foam stabilizer and some very very long purse zippers. Sometimes it’s a little off-putting to find that the instructor is selling more than just her pattern. In this case, Annie Unrein (the instructor and pattern author), is also encouraging us to buy her “By Annie Soft and Stable” foam stabilizer and long purse zippers. Neither of these two items are specifically mentioned in the “materials” list on Craftsy. This was annoying enough to me that I gave up on this class. Continue reading

March Challenge Announcement

I_want_to_believe5After looking through all the half finished projects in my sewing space, the theme for the March challenge was clear to me… UFOs! (That’s Un-Finished Objects.) So, dust off something you’ve had lying around for way too long and make it work! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got WAY too many options for this one! Who else is in?

As always, anyone is welcome to participate and post their photos on our flickr page through March 16th. I’d especially love to see before and after photos so we can see the state your project was abandoned in. Just think how gratifying it will feel to move one to the win column!



Jill’s Show Your Sewing Room Challenge

Here it is, my sewing room with no apologies. Click on any image for a better look if you care too!

before collage

This is the one place in the whole universe that is all mine, or as Virginia Woolf would have said a room of my own. The day I took these photos I was finishing up a blitzkrieg of sewing. Working on bodices, sleeves, silkies and all kinds of things. To be honest I don’t like messes, I like being tidy and orderly.  But sometimes when I sew I sew wildly and just need to take advantage of the free time that I may have.

Also, when this photo was taken one kid was under the table his “special spot”, the cat is of course always hanging around and the other kid too has a “special spot” located between the file cabinet and the bookshelves. Once there he will take my fold out cardboard cutting mat and make himself a door or a roof depending on the weather. The room is always busy, but I rule it with an iron glove and kick my subjects out if needed or if they break a rule.

But, this room contains more than sewing stuff. It has the best parts of my childhood.
my image

My oldest friends

imagePlus, those I’ve lost.
imageI do my taxes here, I meditate and read. I have a glorious view of an old tree and rolling hills (driving range).

Sometimes I just lie on the floor and think sad things.

wall collage sewing room

It’s my museum, my art gallery, my library.

collage of sewing room

I count myself lucky just to have a room of my own, where I can sew and occasionally be by myself. It’s where I create and it’s a glorious room whatever the state.

Cleaned up a bit, my sewing room