Denver Sews Challenge – February 2015 – Show your sewing room!

I can hear the groans from here: Show my sewing room, are you crazy?! Whether you’re lucky enough to have an actual room of your own or you can only sew on the kitchen counter at certain times of the night we should hold our creative spaces near and dear. This challenge is a safe place to show and tell the good, the bad and the ugly about our personal sewing space. Plus, tell what your dream space entails, the sky’s the limit on that one!

Denver Sews Challenge  February

You can blog about your space on your own blog and we’ll reblog it here or you can post pics on Flickr and we’ll post them here to show off, commiserate with or to be in awe of your organizing skills.  We’ll be publishing our posts for this challenge on the week of February 23. If you want to be apart of the challenge be sure to drop me a line when your post is ready on my About Page or at jill.dsc[at]gmail[dot]com and, we’ll get it reblogged.

Now, if you will excuse me I’ve got major cleaning to do!

Image credits: The photos in the collage are not my own, Denver Sews or Denver Sewing Collective. I have researched the original source to the best of my ability and they are listed below.

Image 1

Author “Brene Brown” –

Source “” –

Image 2

Author “Unknown”

Source Helmitara – Flickr

Image 3


Source –

Image 4

Author “Unknown”

Source “Adorable Decor”

Image 5

Author “Unknown”

Source “Adorable Decor”

Image 6

Source “Anna Marie Horner” – Flickr Page


  1. Finally one I can do too – you will see exactly why I never sew anything! (or finish…) What do they say, one’s outsides reflect one’s insides….?


  2. I’ll do this! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking at people’s sewing rooms! Messy, meticulously organized, scattered – it’s all good! So I’ll let Jill know when I’ve got mine a little tidier (I just realized yesterday the Christmas paper is still in there, instead of in the crawl space) and I’ll post pictures. It’s not a big room or elegant, but it’s home to my soul!

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  3. Sewing “room”? You mean my over-stuffed closet of stash? My “cutting table” on the floor by my son’s Legos? My “sewing table” where Karl the B560 resides next to my computer and to-do pile? Ah, the joys of urban sewing…

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