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Hello! I’m Jill aka Jilly. I love sewing, fashion, getting together with friends, and I think the best way to spend my free time is… sewing. I’m a native of Colorado but I moved around to different states when I was working in professional theater. My dad passed away suddenly and in a dream he told me to move back to Colorado. And, here I am! About the time I started the Denver Sewing Collective I told myself that I wanted to take my sewing as far as I could with whatever time I have on the planet. I want to learn all that I can, make a ton of mistakes (that’s how I learn!) and in between it all make some very fantastic garments that I’m truly proud of. I’ve posted on a few of my disasters and successes on The Magical Effects of Thinking and will close that blog for now and concentrate on our new journey here. Some of things I’m interested in are wardrobe building, working with my body shape, fitting, and creating classic garments. I also love writing about fashion and history.

I sew on a Pfaff Expression 2014

I also have a Husqvarna 905 Serger

2 Singer Machines circa 1950’s

And a Thompson Industrial sewing machine

When I’m not having a blast with friends and family I work as a Web Editor for Sew News magazine. I’m so excited to have my friends here to show you all their successes and perhaps an oops or two! We’ve got so much planned, I hope you join us on our journey!

me in blue sq

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  1. Thanks Jill. Yes, I am looking for someone with industrial sewing equipment. Specifically:

    1) King Max Walking Foot Machine
    2) Custom “Binder” for the Walking Foot to handle the top binding.


  2. Hi Jill,

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I am an entrepreneur in Denver in search of sewers with professional sewing equipment that would be interested in doing contract work for my line of handbags and scarves. It’s a very fun and exciting new concept and I am looking for some gifted sewers whom might be interested. I’d appreicate you spreading the word and/or pointing me in the right direction. Thanks and keep up your good work!

    Jennifer Ward


  3. Hey there, Jilly! It’s Jill, “the button lady” Gorski. Can you call me when you have a chance please? We need to have a talk…and maybe lunch! Thanks! 719-661-9218


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