March Challenge Announcement

I_want_to_believe5After looking through all the half finished projects in my sewing space, the theme for the March challenge was clear to me… UFOs! (That’s Un-Finished Objects.) So, dust off something you’ve had lying around for way too long and make it work! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got WAY too many options for this one! Who else is in?

As always, anyone is welcome to participate and post their photos on our flickr page through March 16th. I’d especially love to see before and after photos so we can see the state your project was abandoned in. Just think how gratifying it will feel to move one to the win column!




  1. Oh, my goodness…what timing! I couldn’t bear to take pictures of my space for the previous challenge BECAUSE of ufo’s! Specifically the big ufo of reupholstering my sewing room recliner that I started last summer. I created patchwork fabric to upholster it and I’m up to my eyeballs in padding, batting, cording, fabric, staples, etc., etc. Hubby has a bus trip coming up and I am committed to finishing it up!!!


  2. I’m in. My airspace is infested with UFOs. But I simply can’t focus with so much on. My guess is that you’ll have to send some heavies around close to the deadline and have them actually threaten me. That might just work!


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