Jill Shows Her Sewing Room Challenge

Here it is, my sewing room with no apologies. Click on any image for a better look if you care too!

before collage

This is the one place in the whole universe that is all mine, or as Virginia Woolf would have said a room of my own. The day I took these photos I was finishing up a blitzkrieg of sewing. Working on bodices, sleeves, silkies and all kinds of things. To be honest I don’t like messes, I like being tidy and orderly.  But sometimes when I sew I sew wildly and just need to take advantage of the free time that I may have.

Also, when this photo was taken one kid was under the table his “special spot”, the cat is of course always hanging around and the other kid too has a “special spot” located between the file cabinet and the bookshelves. Once there he will take my fold out cardboard cutting mat and make himself a door or a roof depending on the weather. The room is always busy, but I rule it with an iron glove and kick my subjects out if needed or if they break a rule.

But, this room contains more than sewing stuff. It has the best parts of my childhood.
my image

My oldest friends

imagePlus, those I’ve lost.
imageI do my taxes here, I meditate and read. I have a glorious view of an old tree and rolling hills (driving range).

Sometimes I just lie on the floor and think sad things.

wall collage sewing room

It’s my museum, my art gallery, my library.

collage of sewing room

I count myself lucky just to have a room of my own, where I can sew and occasionally be by myself. It’s where I create and it’s a glorious room whatever the state.

Cleaned up a bit, my sewing room


  1. Every time I get stressed out about the condition of my sewing room, I remember the days when we had a smaller house, little kids and my “sewing room” was a stack of boxes in a corner. I think your sewing room is beautiful! 😉

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  2. Not afraid of who you are, Jill 🙂 For some reason this post really touched me. Content, authoritative, and bitter-sweet. Maybe it’s just my mindset lately, or maybe it was the shelf of those lost. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. So much fun and creative a mess can be! You are blessed with a “room of your own”! I am so glad you pointed out the pictures of Little Jilly: those and the Cinderella card were two of my favorite features of this room.

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  4. It’s glorious! All the rooms that were posted are perfect because they reflect each person so well. Each room shows that no matter how much stuff you have, the square footage or the view or lack thereof, it’s the HAPPY SPOT for creation and therapeutic living. Nicely done, DSC!

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