What I Made for Lynne’s Challenge – Kwik Sew 0188


For our second group challenge Lynne chose our theme: “use a sewing machine stitch you’ve never used before”. I decided to try a quilting stitch. I’ve sewn patchwork quilt tops before, but I’ve always had my patchwork quilted by others – I’ve never done my own quilting.

My first challenge was locating the quilting foot that came with my sewing machine! After searching my entire house (including the attic, wow, it’s scary up there!) I realized that the foot was in the first place I’d looked, in the case where I keep all my sewing machine bits and pieces. I’d just overlooked it because I’d never removed it from its protective bubble wrap:) My next challenge was figuring out a project to quilt. There was no way I’d have enough time to sew an entire patchwork top, and I knew I shouldn’t take on a full size top as my first quilting project anyway. I needed to find something small and quick to make!

I decided to look through the home décor patterns. I was sure I’d once seen a pattern for a quilted sewing machine cover. But when I noticed Kwik Sew 0188  it was love at first sight! My goodness, it’s called “Barnyard Baking Mitts”! I was born on a farm – how could I resist? And 0188 turned out to be a great choice because the potholders are quilted with a straight channel stitch, the easiest and most basic of quilting stitches. Kwik Sew 0188 includes patterns to make cow, pig, and chicken oven mitts. Each mitt is equally cute, and I wanted to make them all, but based on the fabric I had readily available in my stash I finally decided to make the pig potholder.

I didn’t run into any problems with the construction of this pattern until I tried enclose the seam around the inside perimeter of the potholder with 1/2″ single fold bias tape as called for by the supplies list. I found the 1/2″ single fold bias tape too difficult to sew over the seam joining the front of the mitt to the back. So I used 1/2″ double fold bias tape instead and that worked out just perfectly. I used the double fold bias tape around the bottom edge of the mitt as well.

This cute and simple pattern made learning how to quilt on my sewing machine easy and fun! Thank you, Lynne for coming up with this wonderful challenge!


  1. […] I love craft sewing, mainly because it doesn’t involve any fitting! Sometimes a straightforward sew with a sure bet outcome is what I need to bolster my sewing confidence. Between difficult sewing projects in 2014 I relaxed with some fun craft projects. My 3 favorites, pictured above are: my Pattern Review Handbag from Kwik Sew 4093, Bag Refashions (my own design), and Animal Potholders from Kwik Sew 0188. […]


  2. Oh My gosh, these are waaay to cute!! Well done on your first quilting project! I am going to have to grab this pattern, I know someone that the cow one would be perfect for. I saw this featured on Threading My Way.


  3. This is adorable! I love the prints you chose. I’m 99% sure I bought this pattern too and I almost never buy craft patterns so I think I’ll have to make it now.


  4. I can’t believe how cute that is! I love the fabrics you chose. I’m going to get that pattern and give it a try. I’ve never tried quilting either. 🙂


    • Well, I have to be honest and say that I didn’t use the quilting guide, just the foot. I thought using the foot was enough of a challenge for me. I drew the quilting lines on with a frixion pen and a quilting ruler. I love, love, love those pilot frixion pens for temporarily marking fabric!


  5. Kitty I LOVE these! You know I have this desire to make a quilt, but since I haven’t ever sewed before (except for home ec where I made a very sassy poncho and apron) it seems ambitious. But these are so darling!!


    • Aww, thanks Maureen! I wish we lived close enough for me to assist you with your quilt idea! But if you made a poncho and an apron already you can for sure do the easy straight seams on a quilt. Once Lia is off to college you’ll have more time – that’s when you’ll do it.


    • Thanks Lynne, I felt good about getting over my fear of trying quilting. Your challenge was a good kick in the pants for me to attempt something I’ve been putting off forever! Thanks for a great challenge!


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