2014, My 3 Favorite Garments And My 3 Favorite Crafts!

2014 was a banner year for me as far as completing sewing projects. One of the reasons I wanted to be part of a sewing blog was that I knew it would compel me to finish the projects I start. In the past I’ve been much more adept at starting than finishing my sewing projects. Having to post photos on DenverSews has kept me focused on the end result, although I will admit to stealthily pinning my hems in a few photos!

I decided to revisit the garments I made in 2014 and review my favorites and least favorites in order to help guide my sewing choices in 2015. During the search through my 2014 projects I found several garments that would have made my favorites list, but were ultimately ruled out due to poor finishing. So I’ll be attempting to add more finesse to the interiors of my garments in 2015!

The patterns that made the cut for my top three garments in 2014 are pictured above. They are: New Look 6036,  Kwik Sew 3533, and the Hibiscus Patterns Sheath Dress. The New Look Vest and the Hibiscus Sheath Dress are both fully lined, so the interiors present as well as the exteriors. The Kwik Sew dress was sewn on my serger, so it is also nicely finished on the inside.

The fabric color, fit, and the finishing techniques turned out to be the most important factors in how much I ultimately liked and wore the garments I made in 2014. I wore each of the above 3 patterns enough in 2014 to justify making them again in 2015.

I love craft sewing, mainly because it doesn’t involve any fitting! Sometimes a straightforward sew with a sure bet outcome is what I need to bolster my sewing confidence. Between difficult sewing projects in 2014 I relaxed with some fun craft projects. My 3 favorites, pictured above are: my Pattern Review Handbag from Kwik Sew 4093, Bag Refashions (my own design), and Animal Potholders from Kwik Sew 0188.

It didn’t win or even place in the PatternReview Handbag Contest, but I love my Kwik Sew purse! It’s a cross body messenger style with an interior pocket and it’s the perfect size to hold all my stuff. I made this purse pattern twice in 2014 and my red, black and grey winter version was made entirely from recycled wool clothing. I especially love that I repurposed the suit pants back pocket on the exterior of the bag.

I also love my bag refashions for their “green” recycling aspect. The bags were free giveaways with purchases and I just jazzed them up by adding thrift store needleworks to cover the advertising logos. These unique bags are super easy (and so much fun) to make. As I age and start to contemplate what will happen to all my creations after I’m gone, I feel really good about honoring and giving a second life to needleworks that originally took hours of effort but ended up discarded.

Aww, the Kwik Sew potholder. It’s so darn cute and works so well! I added Insul-Brite batting instead of regular batting to increase the heat resistance. These oven mitts would make wonderful housewarming gifts! My pig turned out so well that I’m planning to make the chicken and the cow potholders in 2015 when I need a break from garment sewing. There are definitely more crafts in my future!


    • Hi my friend Maureen! I would say the bag is not HARD to make, but it does have over 30 pieces and it’s kind of tricky to keep track of which piece is which. Also it has a LOT of seams to match up, and probably would be easier for someone (like me) who has experience with quilting to put together. Also turning the bag strap is nearly impossible! Okay, forget this bag for a beginner. Much better beginner projects are an apron or pajama pants.


  1. What a great sewing year for you! You have made some lovely things. By far my favorite is the Hibiscus Sheath dress too. You look so lovely in it. Can’t wait to see what you make in 2015.

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    • Thanks Jane! All I can tell you is 2015 will likely be as random as 2014, as I never have a plan…. The only thing I know for sure is YOU are my inspiration to improve my garment interior finishes. French seams ahead!


  2. These are some real winners! I particularly like the Hibiscus Sheath Dress – what great fabrics and fit. And of course I love your crafts, especially the two bags. I still keep an eye out for thrift store needle work that needs to be rescued and repurposed. What a great year of sewing its been!

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