February Challenge: Sewing Space Reveal


This month’s challenge was to show off our sewing spaces! For awhile, I was sewing in our unfinished master bath on a card table, but then my husband built me this cute 8′ x 12′ sewing hut in our backyard. What started out as a fairly empty sewing space has quickly become completely filled floor to ceiling with sewing stuff. Here’s a peek!


Above is my main sewing table. There is a full length mirror to the left of the chair. My sewing machine is hiding under a beautiful cover made by my friend Paula in Seattle. It’s my trusty Pfaff Performance 5.0. The serger is pulled forward when I need to use it and the empty space is great for laying out stuff. Notions surround the machine and when I am sewing something bigger, I need to move all that stuff out of the way.


My BabyLock EMP6 sits in the corner behind my sewing table. To the left is some slat wall with hooks. It’s great for storing embroidery frames, quilting rulers, more notions, scissors, rotary cutters, etc. Above the slat wall is a shelf with plastic boxes filled with patterns and odd-ball fabrics. Many other things are hidden under the 6-needle, like machine covers and fleece and polyester fiberfill. Under the slat wall is a box of machine embroidery thread and other stuff. It’s becoming a disaster!


My cutting table is adjustable height. It sits above a whole slew of plastic boxes containing my garment fabric stash and my quilting stash. There are also boxes of ribbons, zippers, scraps, and patterns hiding under there too. I try to keep the cutting table clear of all but my current projects, but it often ends being a great place to stage other projects I’d like to do. That poor teddy bear on the table is awaiting some clothes!


And finally there is my bookshelf, dress form, and other miscellaneous stuff. The bookshelf is used to store many other things besides books.

The amount of stuff I’ve accumulated for garment sewing, quilt/craft sewing, and machine embroidery is absolutely overwhelming and I have reached the limits of my space. I would love to have less stuff and less clutter. Better start working through that stash! And truth be told, I have the Brother Dream Machine now that is too big for the sewing table and it lives in my house!

This sewing hobby has certainly grown much more than I ever anticipated. What to do? I have no answers. But I do want to thank my husband a thousand times over for making me my own little sewing space and filling it with unique and very functional furniture, most of which came from ReStore in Longmont, Colorado. Thank you honey!


  1. Ah, I forgot I was going to post for this challenge…now my sewing studio looks like someone stirred it up because I’m packing for Sew-In, so everything is upside down in it.


  2. Lynne, your space is great! I love your furniture. Especially the round tables. Your equipment is well placed and neatly arranged. I have to get started on my pictures and text !

    Does your husband build furniture for others? 🙂


  3. Love your space, but I’m sure your dream machine feels lonely and left out not having a space in the heart of the work room. You certainly have managed to pack a lot in while still allowing room to work. I especially like the table with your Pfaff and your serger on it. Cool shape! I have the same problem with my cutting table. It’s the only open space, so of course I set stuff on it.


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