The December Sewing Challenge!
Thanks Lynne, for a wonderful November challenge. It motivated us to explore stitches on our sewing machines that we’d never tried before! Most of us have sewing machines with so many stitches we’ve never even tested them all. Your November challenge was the perfect opportunity to start expanding our knowledge of our sewing machines amazing capabilities!

Now that we’ve gotten a good start on exploring our future possibilities with our sewing machines, it’s time to honor the past. So our December challenge is VINTAGE! The interpretation of vintage is completely up to each individual. It might be sewing with vintage fabric, using a vintage pattern, using a new pattern that has vintage style, or any other interpretation that makes sense to you.

We’d love for each of you to play along by posting your vintage project photos on our flickr page. The vintage challenge will run through December 19th and the denversews bloggers will post their own results during the week of December 15th. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful vintage projects!



One comment

  1. Very tempted to play along!! given my life schedule, I’ll be tempting the life-scheduling gods who may just decide to beat me down. Still, thinking about it….


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