9 Ways To Style a Circle Skirt For Year Round Wear

Few items in your closet are as versatile as a circle skirt. See how easy it is to take this one garment and make it work all year long.

style a circle skirt

It’s easy to add colder weather accessories such as tights and scarves to bring your skirt into winter. Of course, a great neutral will take any core wardrobe piece through multiple seasons. This circle skirt with it’s lush dark blue can brighten up with springy florals and summer whites.

I hope you make a circle skirt or two or three for your core wardrobe. They really are one of my most versatile garments, certainly on par with the old standard jeans.

For skirt patterns, there is a multitude. Simplicity seems to have a lot, so check there first. Also, if these are out of print you can try Etsy.  You’d be surprised at how inexpensive vintage circle patterns are.

I really like Simplicity 4236 because it has a full, half, and slim skirts included. I bought two so that I could use one to make a pull-on elastic waist skirt. I tend to add a lot of length to these skirts. I like mine to hit about 2 inches above my ankle bone.

sew a circle skirt

This is my latest addition to vintage circle skirts. I bought this one because I loved the description! This one has a ballerina length. So cute!

vintage circle skirt

Careful – the volume might be on the loud side –

A few production notes. I had a lot of fun editing this. If you’re interested in editing videos on your phone, I would highly recommend Splice. It’s really easy to use. (This is not a sponsored post! Just found it really easy and fun to use after using some rather difficult desktop software.)

I did this in one take. There was no way I wanted to do this again during a heatwave. Also, my son is behind the screen making helpful comments. Very helpful.

All the tops were purchased, the purple one is from Anthropologie about 5 years back. The circle skirt is self-drafted with only one seam in the back. It’s a half-circle and not a full. If you can’t find a pattern you can always draft your own. Here is a handy guide from Rhonda Buss.  I love buying circle skirt patterns though, especially from the  40s and 50s.

style a circle skirt with accessories



  1. I enjoy all of your posts but this is one of my favorites. The video is awesome and so fun to watch! Thanks for putting this together!


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