101 Words To Use Instead of Amazing

I find I use the words amazing and stunning a wee bit too much. So, taking the torch from Stephen King who a few years ago vigorously opined on this very topic I give you a 101 Words To Use Instead of AMAZING.

Use them singly: “That top looks magnetic on you!” Or turn a lovely adjective into an adverb and you’ll have an unlimited bewitching dictionary. 

A prosaic – “Cecilia, those pants are amazing”, turns into “My god, those pants are delectably sublime!”

You can print this list in a PDF format and tape it above your computer. The next time you’re tempted to say bla-mazing to describe a sunset or your kitten’s new bow tie look up and be inspired.

Now go forth and have a divinely glorious day!

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  1. Thank you for the list. Amazingly, I’ve been struggling to find word substitues for “amazing” , “beautiful” and such adjectives. This is timely.


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