Roundup of Our Last Meetup

At the Zoom Meetup for August, we had our round of introductions and shared what we were currently working on. Then we got down to business.

denver sews

Lots of opinions on what we do when we sew. We all have some favorite podcasts that we listen to while we’re stepping on the pedal.

Most found that we need the right kind of podcast, music to listen to. Not too distracting but also not too boring. It’s all a personal choice!

We discussed the amazing work of the Vintage Egyptologist and Caroline Eliades of Las Vegas for Dressed_In_Time. We’re amazed at the talent and output of these ladies. Inspiration indeed.

Also, Cecilia (first time joining) told us about Lekala Patterns. These are pdf patterns and you put in their measurements and they will send you a custom pattern of your measurements. Fifty cents more and they’ll add in seam allowances. The patterns themselves cost about 3-5 US dollars. Certainly worth looking into.

Pamela Patterns has a new pattern called #122 Secret Sleeves. You’ve probably seen these on your Instagram feed from the RTW folks. They can retail from 24-75 dollars and now Pamela has a pattern so we can make our own! They’re great for when you want the look of sleeves without the bulk. Marni mentioned that her friend who had melanoma on her arms uses these to cover her arms without adding extra weight and heat.

Pamela Patterns

Paula is making an amazing bag with mermaid colored vinyl from Sew Sweetness and is going to be “bright and obnoxious” (her words.) Find similar vinyl here at Sew Sweetness.

great bra sewing bee

Also, talked on the Great Bra Sewing Bee. Celicia attended (virtually) and highly recommends it. Looks like they may be doing it next year so be sure to check it out.  You can also get extended access ($99) to the course now even if you didn’t attend in July.

Then we started down a vintage sewing convo and oh my. Talking about Worth gowns, ReThreaded (based in Lafayette, Colorado) who recreated the Ironwork gown (original seen below) and her breathtaking talent.

Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Then we started talking about Rum Friday and that’s when things got a little weird. Signing off for now! Until next time!

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