Bella Sunshine Amelia Dress – Maxi Version

I have made 3 maxi dresses during the COVID-19 shutdown, pandemic, hellscape whatever you want to call it. Let’s check out the Amelia Dress from Bella Sunshine Designs.

Fabric is from JoAnn’s which I loved so much. This is a great pattern if you’re in need of a maxi dress. It takes a lot of yardage (3 yards for a size 8) and be sure to have on hand a lot of elastic tape. Plus, the pattern offers full bust pieces if you should need it and the pattern size range is the largest I’ve seen a pattern offered in.

The pattern whipped up easy enough but I do notice on the IG feed that almost everyone who made this dress had issues with the overlay that goes over the waist/bodice piece. Check out the photos you’ll see what I mean. My solution was to eliminate that piece entirely and I think it looks great and the pattern piece really seems rather superfluous especially if no one can get it to look pucker free.  With as much yardage as this dress takes I was thinking it was going to be a hot mother to wear but in dry heat anyway it’s really great.


  1. Love the dress! From someone who lives in a Hotter ‘n H— south: the dress keeps you cool because it’s not close to your skin; there’s airflow around the legs, which elevates the cool-to-wear factor.


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