Vintage Vogue 8893 Maxi Dress

I bought fabric for my birthday back in April of 2020 (7 years ago, right?)and fell in love with it but had no solid plan. After many weeks of going through patterns, I felt Vogue 8893 would best showcase it.

The fabric is from Elfriede’s Fine Fabrics in Boulder, CO. It’s an Italian silk/cotton blend and as you can imagine is pretty darn dreamy to wear.

vogue 8893

I wanted to showcase the pattern of the fabric (which is called Apartment Building. Look! I’m a skyscraper!)) in all its glory. I cut the pattern on the fold so as to keep the design perfect. Fortunately, I’m just tall enough so that I could cut it from salvedge to salvedge, using the border top and bottom.

vogue 8893

This dress is lined with a denim blue voile and wearing it is a really lovely light experience.  The dress and lining have French seams and an invisible zipper. No pockets.

I haven’t hemmed the dress yet but when I do it most likely will be with the narrowest hems to maintain as much as I can of the border. It’s great to walk in and feels so comfy.

vogue 8893 maxi dress

Had to add a mask to go with it.

vogue 8893 vintage maxi dress

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