Vintage Vogue 8645

Every year I make Vintage Vogue 8645. This year I made it in linen with a muslin lining. The linen is fine but the muslin is a heavier version. Not the kind you use for samples.  I also placed the pockets a wee bit too far down. I think the dress will be good for cooler seasons like fall and spring.

Vogue 8645 maxi

I forgot to lengthen the pattern and had to piece portions to the front and back after I cut out the pattern. You can click to enlarge the photo and see my hack job. I’m getting to be a pro at piecing fabrics together at the last minute.  I need to redraw the pattern and just add in the length. The pattern is really torn up to all heck as it is. Next time  I’d like to do something different with the pockets. I prefer this dress made in drapey fabrics. This is a first with a more structured fabric. Belted it looks quite bulky so I forego the belt. This version reminds me of the patterns by Sew Tina Givens. Mena-core for the win! This one I made last year late and I didn’t get to wear it. This is the first time I’ve worn it. It is made from silk curtain fabric from long ago. Lined with a dark green and tiny yellow floral print. Also pieced! Argh. I did remember to do the back but forgot to lengthen the front.

sewing maxi dressesIt feels a bit like a nightgown so it’s super delicious to wear during the day. I also use the belt as a scarf. green version of 8645Here’s a detail of the fabric.

Have you sewn any maxi dresses this year!? Such a dream to wear, don’t you think?


  1. It is very pretty in that silk! I sometimes use my waist tie as a scarf too 🙂

    And, that linen version does look super comfortable. I have two maxi dresses planned, I better get on that before summer disappears!


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