Zip and Clip Bag – A Perfect Bag for a Night Out


I’ve been looking for a pattern for a small hipster or cross-body bag that could securely hold my phone, a credit card, some cash and maybe something else like a camera or some ladies’ accoutrements, shall we say. Most hipster or cross-body bags I’ve seen have been too big or without many secure pockets, but this Zip & Clip bag I found on Craftsy is just perfect! The pattern is by Lisa Amundsen whose website is

Her instructions were fabulous – well illustrated, carefully worded and succinct. Some of the instructions required my full attention, but once I figured out what edges were matched with what and which sides were laying together, it came together beautifully. The instructions were also carefully packaged into as few pages as possible so I was able to print them out in full color without feeling wasteful.

This bag uses Shape Flex (Pellon SF101) for its interfacing. This is the first time I’ve used it in anything other than a garment and I found it to be wonderfully crisp. It fused very nicely to my quilting cotton. I may make this my go-to interfacing for bags when I don’t need the softer look of a fusible fleece.


So overall I really love this bag! It has a zipper pocket and phone pocket in the front, credit card pockets and a Passport pocket inside, and a flap with magnetic snaps to cover it all. The bag’s final dimensions are 7″ x 6.5″ x 2″. I used some different hardware for attaching the straps (some 3/4″ rectangle rings I found at Hobby Lobby) and I’m not going to use sliders on the straps. I was so pleased with this bag, I made one for myself to take to a concert and I personalized one for my daughter to take to Japan. If you’re looking for a smaller hipster bag with nice secure pockets, this might be the one for you!


  1. Lynne, you are so creative. Your bag is beautiful. The colors are wonderful! The name placed inside is really a nice,personal touch. I will learn to embroider like you someday. I’m making bags now because of you. So, I know I’ll eventually learn to use my embroider on my machine. “YOU INSPIRE ME” Thank you.


  2. my gawd look at all those fine details! Amazing! Snuck in some embroidery too, very nice. I’m tempted to try it as I can’t find anything to hold what I need held. I have a feeling I’d end up with a wads of thread like the bottom spool sometime spins, duct tape, lumps, and bumps. Maybe one day. I’ll just admire your precise work in the meantime 🙂

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  3. So … I just checked out Lisa Amundsen’s website … she has some nice patterns. I may actually try one. I have very precise thoughts about the inside of a bag and I think she may share them.

    Also, would you bring the interfacing you used to meetup? I am not familiar with it. 🙂

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