Kwik Sew 3766, A Pattern Review

I’ve finally been successful in breaking my sewing slump! I did it with Kwik Sew 3766, a “Kwik Start, Learn-to-Sew” top pattern. The pattern description reads: “Close fitting pull-over tops have self fabric neckbands. View A has a round neckline and full length sleeves. View B has a scoop neckline and short sleeves. Tops are very easy to sew and have special easy-to-follow sewing instructions.” I made the size medium because Kwik Sew, unlike most other commercial sewing patterns, fits true to size.

I chose to sew view A, the long sleeved top with the higher neckline. The only change I made to the pattern was to reduce the length of the top by 1.5″, which is my usual short torso adjustment. 3766 has the first stretch fabric neckband I’ve ever sewn that’s lain perfectly flat for me, but I think that might be because the neckband is from the same fabric as the body of the top. On other knit tops I’ve sewn, the neckband has been made from different fabric. Perhaps the difference in the amounts of stretch when using two fabrics causes the neckband to lay imperfectly?I’m thinking of experimenting with sewing self fabric neckbands on my top patterns that specify neckbands from a second fabric. Then I’ll know if using self fabric is the trick to creating a better fitting neckband.

As far as the special easy-to-follow sewing instructions, I believe all sewing instructions should be written this way. I make lots of mistakes and my sewing slows way down when I’m trying to figure out poorly explained sewing instructions. Do pattern companies even test their pattern instructions with home sewers before releasing their patterns for sale? Maybe they don’t! But I think sewing would be more popular if the sewing procedures on all patterns were written as clearly as they are on Kwik Sew 3766!


  1. The shirt is beautiful! Your fabric is one of my favorite colors. This is a T-shirt like pattern. I found using the same fabric for the neck and do a chanel finish is really nice. I love most of your fabric choices Most of the time.


  2. Hi Kitty! Great looking top, way to go! Good color on you too. Just wondering . . . usually you give the fabric source. Can you give us a clue?


    • Thanks Joanne!!! I “think” this fabric was from Colorado Fabrics remnant table, purchased a couple of years ago when it was still Denver Fabrics. It’s fairly thin but not see-through thin, thank goodness! It’s a nice stretch knit with a bit of shimmer. I don’t usually do glittery fabrics but I love purple way too much to not buy this!


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