Butterfly Kimono from Butterick 6065

Well, this was unintentional, me posting a kimono right after Jamie. Plus, we’re having a Kimono night at the Denver Sewing Collective’s next meetup. I’ve got kimono on the brain.

butterfly kimono sewn by Jilly from Denver Sews
This was an super easy jacket to make. Basically a rectangle folded over and the side sewn where your arms go through. I like the drapey band that Butterick has here.

I bought the fabric from Colorado Fabrics last month. I was on break from a tailoring class upstairs and well, don’t let any of us loose at Colorado Fabrics for very long. We all can do destruction in a short amount of time. This fabric is a knit almost a tissue knit. It’s very soft and thin in an abstract print.

This is going to be a favorite pattern of mine and can see me making it again and again in more beautiful fabrics.

I also like that I can pair it with a heavy turtleneck or long sleeved T for wearing in cooler months.

Super easy project, great for a beginner. Can be completed in an hour.

Butterick 6065 - Denver Sews


  1. I like how this pattern lets the print shine. It looked great moving when you wore it to the last meetup! I think I’ve heard this rectangle folded in half shape called a “cocoon sweater”.

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  2. Does this nean you will be working on a second kimono tonight? This one looks lovely on you, and I think your height helps to carry it off beautifully!

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