October Challenge Announcement

Big news everybody! The Denver Sewing Collective has decided to start doing monthly challenges. We thought it would be a good way to unify the blog a bit and push us all outside our comfort zones once and awhile.

Everyone is invited to sew along with the challenges! The due date will be the 15th of each month. You can post your creations on our Flickr pool at https://www.flickr.com/groups/denversewschallenges/ , and we’ll do a round up post at the end of every challenge where we’ll show off whatever you post in the Flickr pool. If you like, you can add a description of your make or a link to your own blog in the comments of the Flickr photo and we’ll add those to the post as well. Are you ready to hear the October challenge?

Use a fabric that you’ve been hanging onto a long time. We probably all have fabrics in our stash that we love so much we’re afraid to cut into them… but they’re not doing us any good sitting in a closet. Be brave and cut into it! It doesn’t have to be silk or anything fancy, just something you’ve hung onto for awhile.

Challenge Accepted

I already have a certain piece of fabric that jumped to mind for this challenge… I’ll throw it out there, so you all can hold my feet to the fire and make sure I actually do something with it! I have two of these silk panels made by Anna Sui that I’ve been hanging onto for years because they are so gorgeous I am terrified of cutting into them. Take a gander…

Anna Sui Silk Panel

Do you have any fabrics you’ve hung onto for a long time because you don’t know what to do with them? Are you up for the challenge? If so, the deadline is October 15th!


      • I did, and they turned out horrible. Were meant for a woven, lesson learned. Think I have enough material for another pair with a proper pattern…. AAAAANNNNNDDDDD I finished that dress! Once I realized I didn’t like the pattern, I understood that’s why I couldn’t sit down and finish it, and that gave me permission to just *play*. To see what sewing a knit was like without killing myself for mistakes. Couldn’t figure out the hem on that one either. My bag is still packed from when I was going to bring both specimens and then my clutch crapped out, so I never made it. Was geared up to meet last week but my step-dad passed away the night before. I’m just one big fat excuse 😦

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  1. Sadly, my stash is almost non-existent.In a moment of madness some years ago, I ruthlessly disposed of most of the fabrics in my stash because I thought I needed to park in the garage. Now, I have only new pieces purchased for specific projects. But I will gladly follow along with this!

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