A-Z is Complete. What’s Next?

When I got close to the end of the alphabet in my  series several friends asked me what I planned to do next for my DenverSews blog projects. Hmm, it’s a good thing that they asked, I’m not a planner – I had no idea! I answered one inquiry with a surly “I’ll sew whatever I want instead of something that starts with a particular letter.” But I honestly had no idea what I wanted to sew – my answer had revealed the truth, I hadn’t thought beyond completing Z. Luckily those questions jump-started my contemplation of this dilemma.

I came up with several ideas for subsequent series. Being a non-planner, a series is a more efficient use of my time, allowing me to spend my time sewing instead of spending my time trying to figure out what to sew for each individual post. And with my giant sewing collection I had lots of different series possibilities to choose from!

I could do a UFO (unfinished object) series and finish the incomplete garments currently stored in my attic. I could make one project from each sewing book I own. I could do a vintage series, using my vintage patterns and fabrics. Or a refashioning project where I could recreate my unflattering clothing into something more wearable. Or perhaps a thrift store series, using only thrift store finds? A mix and match separates core wardrobe series? In the end I decided to do them all concurrently. It’d give me more variety, and you know the saying: “Variety is the spice of life”. My current life as a housewife, although I do volunteer work and have several hobbies, is pretty routine. A variety of projects might just spice things up!

So for my first project after A-Z I’ve done a refashion. This refashion began as a thrift store t shirt and jeans skirt with a high back slit. The t shirt was too small for me, but I fell in love with the dragon decal on the back. The jeans skirt fit me perfectly, but when I tried it on at the thrift store I failed to notice how large the back opening was. When I got home I realized I couldn’t wear the skirt as it was – most of the back was actually missing!

Since the t shirt was a great color match for the skirt I decided to use the dragon decal from the t to close the back of the skirt. I cut the t apart at the seams, but the front piece wasn’t long enough to fill the skirt back opening. So I sewed the neck edge of the t front to the bottom edge of the t back, creating a longer rectangle. The seam looked unattractive, but I figured I could hide it by adding a strip of denim at that spot.

Unfortunately the denim strip looked oddly out-of-place and plain, so I decorated the strip with Chinese writing and frayed the edges. I translated the words strength, art, and beauty into Chinese on Google Translator and chose to use the word beauty because it fit the best on the strip. I increased the font of the characters and copied them onto the denim with an indelible magic marker. The strip was attached to the skirt with two brass buttons that resemble Chinese coins, using embroidery floss in colors from the dragon decal. Unwearable to wearable – an easy fix!


  1. It’s all great! I’m so impressed with your stick-to-itiveness through out the whole thing. And now you’re going to ‘do it all’. You’re putting us to shame!


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