Vanessa Pouzet – Eagle Veste – A Review

I fell hard for the Eagle jacket from Vanessa Pouzet. I saw the photo on Instagram and knew I had to make it. I bought the pattern from for around 6.00 US dollars. It is an e-Pattern. I know nothing about Vanessa Pouzet, her training etc, but she has some very lovely patterns available. Check her out and you’ll be downloading today.

Check out her photo spread of it. IT’S BELLE!

Vanessa Pouzet Les Vestes Eagle Collage
All images in collage owned by Vanessa Pouzet

Copying the pattern

I went through about a ream of paper trying to copy the pattern off accurately with no luck. I then took the file to two different printer shops were we tried to get it right when a manager came by and said they can’t accurately copy e-patterns from A4 sizing. A4 paper/ddimensionswhatever is what is used in most of the world with the exception of the US. I’ve printed e-patterns from Tessuti with no problem (that I know of) so I’m not sure what happened here.

But, I can see that the earlier versions that I copied off are way off proportion even tho the little box that was on the pattern was exactly 2cm x 2cm. So, go figure.  I found a A4 converter online and when I printed it off it was much more in proportion BUT, the sizing square was off by a bit.

I bought some very cheap fabric to use as a muslin. Oh, did I mention that all the instructions are in French? Fortunately, Lizzy of SewBusyLizzy has made up the jacket and has offered up tips on how to navigate through it. I never would have been able to get through it. She says, “the construction is slightly unusual”, yes it is. I also didn’t get the “Coat of Many Bloggers” reference but now I get it (it takes a village of seamstresses!) and hopefully, my contribution will only add to it.

I’m going to add to Lizzy’s instructions with a few of my own and some pics that may or may not be useful.

  • Doublure Fine = lining
  • Tissus = fabric
  • Cuir = leather
  • Recommended fabrics – Linen, tweeds, light felt, woolens
  • Yardage – for outer fabric 110″ x 55″ = approx 3 yards @ 55″ wide, lining for long version 55″ x 55″
  • 1/2″ seam allowances

The layout is quite obvious. Just remember to cut 4 shoulder pieces (#2) 2 leather and 2 of fabric. (I didn’t).

2 back pieces –  outer shell and the lining (polka dot).

Sew these pieces right sides together at the bottom edge, leaving a hole in the bottom for turning out. Set aside.

Sew the shoulder sections together and the front shell starting at the top shoulder, down and the lower edge.


Here is one side stitched and turned right side out.

Everything was going well until #4 step “Le Moment Technique (Technique of the moment). Now, I have problems with English directions so keep that in mind.

You are going to sandwich the front shell pieces in between the lining and the back piece.

Le Eagle Jacket Vanessa Pouzet Review Jilly Denver Sews

I took a photo of what I initially did but I don’t even want to show it because it might just cause confusion.

Now, at this point I turned it all through the opening in the back. Once you do that you’ll see how this is all working. It is kind of neat. Be sure to turn it back through the opening after you’ve admired it.

For the Step 5 of the French directions you sew through all four thicknesses. Be sure to only sew up to the mark that is noted on the pattern piece. Fold the hem back on top. I didn’t fold the hem back. I actually, kind of liked it so I left it.

Step 6 is another WTH? I did it wrong the first time. Remember how you do not sew all the way up the sides in step 5? Step 6 you will sew up the sides just not through all the thicknesses. You can see it in the diagram in the directions and maybe my photo will help. As long as you don’t sew through all the thicknesses you’ll get it.

step 6 Eagle Veste

 Step 7 is attaching the sleeves and yet another brain twister. Basically you are attaching the sleeves to the outer jacket (shell) and then attaching the lining sleeves to the lining portion.

Step 8 is machining the jacket sleeves hem together and pulling it all out at the bottom hem area.

At step 7 is where I fell off. I tried the jacket on with one sleeve I knew this problem was going to keep the Eagle in the nest. The sleeve is extremely tight and pulls and I didn’t even put the lining in. I have fairly noodly arms as it is and the sleeves are unusually tight.

This may be due to the copying of the pattern, maybe it was just off enough that it doesn’t fit. Maybe I messed up a step. Maybe I copied the wrong size. After looking at Lizzy’s coat and the other French bloggers the arms look rather roomy/normal. Lizzy can push her sleeves up even (Boo hoo!). So, I can only surmise it was either me or the copying of the pattern.

All that work! I’m a little sad it didn’t work out. But, it really was fun trying something new. I may take the jacket to a meetup and see what possibilities exist. Or maybe try to get the pattern printed in A4, but for now I need to take a step back!


  1. I am posting this comment several years after your original post, however, there is a note on Vanessa Pouzet’s website as follows… A4 format (Letter format on simple demand at You may still be able to contact her and get a copy of the pattern in “letter” size. I have been wanting to make the pattern for some time and came across your post. Just thought I would mention this.

    Thank you for all of your tutorial/pics. I am sure this will help me.


  2. Hi Jilly, I found your blog by googling Vanessa Pouzet patterns … I have just printed out my first pattern by her and noticed that the pages are NOT supposed to overlap when you tape them together. Could that be the reason for your ill-fitting sleeve? Hope you managed to rescue your lovely jacket anyway! Best wishes from Germany, Astra

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    • Hi Astra! Hmm. I’m not sure if I over lapped. I need to dig it out from my UFO pile. Are you making the jacket or another of her patterns? I will revisit again, it is an amazing pattern. Are you blogging your Pouzet pattern? If so I’d like to follow along!


      • Hi Jilly, I am sorry about my late reply – I plan to make “La Petite Robe” but other projects jumped the queue so I haven’t made any progress yet. I don’t have a blog but I will let you know how I got on! Happy sewing, Astra

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  3. the pattern is beautiful. I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out completely for you. I tried to use an a4 paper size pattern in had almost the same problem. I didn’t get pass the muslin before a frustration sitting with the sizing and I quit.maybe someday I’ll pick it back up again. Your material is awfully pretty I hope that you are able to salvage it into something wearable at a later date.

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    • Yes, the rest of the jacket was fine, but the sleeves were just not right. Plus seeing it on other bloggers (who live in A4 country) makes me think that’s what it is. I’m surprised I couldn’t get it to print our right. Ah, well. Back to the drawing board. Not ready to give up yet tho.


  4. What a beautiful jacket! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you, especially after you put so much effort into it! Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out the sleeve problem and finish the jacket in the near future…

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  5. Have you got enough fabric to put an insert in the sleeves? On the underarm side if you want it to be fairly noticeable. Or maybe a contrasting fabric that goes with the leather shoulder pieces? Then you could create a seam on the top side of the sleeve so the contrasting fabric looks like a design detail.

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      • This reply is several years after you made your Eagle veste. However, I have been interested in this for some time now. I noticed she has a note on her website that you can request the pattern for “letter” size paper. It might not be too late to contact her and see if she will resend it to you. Here is the note from her website. A4 format (Letter format on simple demand at


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