Burda December 2014 Review (International Edition)

Burda-2014-December Cover

This month’s issue of Burda was a bit of a let-down for me. Generally the December issue has some fun party dresses and fancy tops, but the dresses this month bored me and the tops were mostly oversized and shapeless. There were a handful of items I liked though and the plus size section was great so it’s still worth the subscription price to me. My first pick is this 70’s style A-line skirt with a front pleat and decorative tabs on the side. I’d make the tabs from leather and perhaps add some buckles or other hardware to snazz it up a bit. Fantastic styling for once – this whole look is really in right now. I was just at DSW and there were two full rows of black knee high boots so they must be having a moment right now. My only complaint is that I really wish Burda gave us the pattern for that top too!

Burda-2014-December A-Line Skirt

The cowl neck sweater on the left with the shredded/fringe bottom intrigues me. It’s probably way too much look for me to pull off, but I think it would look cute on someone younger. The line drawing doesn’t show this, but the pattern has you cut a double layer and only fringe the top layer which makes it slightly more practical. The version on the right without the fringe is also cute, but I feel like I’ve already seen Burda do a couple variations on this Pattern Magic style asymmetric cowl dress this year so I can’t get too excited about it.

Burda-2014-December Shreaded Cowl Sweater

I really don’t care for this cape in this fabric. The description says it is a luxury mohair blend so I bet it feels lovely, but it has the color and texture of a 20 year old teddy bear. The pattern has fantastic details though! A snap tab at the neck, epaulets, patch pockets, a vertical zippered chest pocket AND a belt. I’m imagining it in a solid navy melton wool with large silver snaps, zippers and buckles that would make the details pop.

Burda-2014-December Cape

Call me crazy, but I like this “lingerie dress” on the left. I think the juxtaposition of the lace with the army green color and D ring buckles on the straps is fun. If you’re thinking it looks like lingerie for a cast member of Duck Dynasty, the look on the right might be more your cup of tea.

Burda-2014-December Lingerie Dress

The designer pattern of the month is from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. (I never know who these designers are, but they’re probably popular in Germany. The bio lists dressing Kraftwerk as one of his accomplishments – so German! LOL.) Look at the proportions of the sleeve to the dress in the line drawing to get an idea of just how oversized the body of the dress is – I don’t think this is something mere mortals can pull off. I do think it’s cool how the giant flap/patch pockets have side slits in them to make them useable as real pockets.

Burda-2014-December Giant Pocket Dress

Onto the plus size section… I’m in love with this top! Sorry, I’m a top and jeans kind of person so I get excited about top patterns. I like french darts in slightly oversized woven tops like this, the double flounce at the bottom makes it interesting, and I even like the high-low hem. The fabric choice here is great too – a silk satin in a pattern/color that keeps the flounces from looking overly feminine. A glance at the pattern instructions shows this requires 3 1/8 yards at 55″ wide. Ouch, those flounces take up a lot of yardage – I’ll probably be making mine out of polyester!

Burda-2014-December Plus Size Double Peplum Top

A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have given this pattern a second glance, but at the last Sew ‘N Sudz Stephanie wore something very similar she made from a vintage pattern. The outside was a super soft black fur with a short and choppy look (kind of like rabbit fur?), and the inside was black satin. We were all fawning over how expensive it looked, then she tells us the fur fabric was just… minky! Now that I have a pattern I’m going to have to knock off that look soon…

Burda-2014-December Plus Size Shawl Collar Swing Jacket

I’m on the fence with this dress and top pattern. I like the way it looks on the model, BUT I have a dress with this elasticized upside-down V waist and it makes my boobs look like they melted and ran down to somewhere under my armpits. I think the neckline and the contrast black bands are what are drawing me too it. I do always need to shorten the shoulder to bust distance on patterns by about an inch, so maybe if I made that alteration it would look better than my RTW dress? What do you think?

Burda-2014-December Plus Size Flutter Dress

If you’re looking for a laugh, here’s one of the more ridiculous looks from this issue. Sequin gaucho pants! The helpful styling tips say you can also wear these to the office with a white button down and flats. *snort*

Burda-2014-December Sequin Gaucho Pants

And it wouldn’t be Burda without at least one ridiculous craft project. They’re calling it “minimalist”. I’m calling it “look what my kids made at summer camp”.

Burda-2014-December Tin Cans


  1. I’m leaning more towards redneck hubby bringing his prize shootings home for the day and to celebrate, treated his princess wife to a spree down the Dollar Store’s craft aisle. They made magic that night. 😉

    I’m totally with you on the lace “lingerie dress.” So is this how one works with all the sheer and mesh and lace that’s everywhere now – double layer? Or do you just always line it? I’ve been chomping at the bit over all the pretty stretch lace bursting out of the redundant sea of evenly spaced lace flowers. I’m sure it always was like that, it just hit my price bracket I guess. Been waiting for inspiration to somehow magic it’s way into my head and viola! Been hankering over tall riding boots too, and fantasize of one day making a moto-jacket before it goes out of style. Or did it all ready? LOL. Maybe integrate some antiqued chain in the dress too.

    Then my little daydream reverie pops.

    I saw “drop waist dress” in InStyle magazine this month and kinda excited, I think that’s what this lace number is? Apparently I can’t wear high waist anything and “up to the bra” is back in. So yay!


    • That lace dress WOULD look great on you! I’d actually call it an empire waist because it has that seam under the bust.

      I think stretch lace is suddenly becoming more available, don’t know why. But I remember looking for it for underthings a long time ago and having trouble finding it, and now it is everywhere. Underline it!


  2. I love the skirt, and your ideas on making it would really give it style! I have to say the “used food can craft project” from a sewing magazine baffles me completely… What does pounding nails into tin cans have to do with sewing? People buy Burda because they love to sew! Couldn’t Burda find a craft project that involved sewing and/or fabric?


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