Craftsy Project Upcycle: Kimono Wrap Skirt Refashion

Recently I took advantage of a great sale at I purchased the class “Project Upcycle: Thrifty Sewing Projects” with Betz White for only $9.99. I’d already experimented with some of the refashion projects taught in this course like the felted tote, but the class was still well worth the price.

I’d been trying to convert a polyester thrift store kimono into a wrap skirt, but I was having trouble getting the pattern drafting figured out. “Project Upcycle” to the rescue with a super cute downloadable reversible wrap skirt pattern and simple step-by-step video instructions. What could be easier?

Because the craftsy skirt is reversible I was able to destash, using some vintage pale green brocade from Goodwill for the reverse side. This fabulous fabric cost only $2.00 for 4 yards! I printed out the pattern, followed the instructions on the video, and turned out a finished reversible wrap skirt in no time! Betz also had great tips, some I already knew from years of sewing, but some were new to me. Her idea for using quilt binding for the waistband and ties for this skirt is something I never would have thought of on my own – and it worked perfectly!

I really liked the print choices on Betz’s skirt sample, made with vintage pillowcases and sheets. I’ve often sewn with bed sheets, but thought all I could make with vintage pillowcases were little girl’s dresses. It turns out pillowcases are the perfect size for the gores on this skirt! I’ll be creating my own vintage pillowcases and sheets version of this cute and easy to sew skirt in the near future!


  1. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I do think that this craftsy class is well worth what I paid, even for the skirt project alone, although there are 4 other projects I haven’t checked out yet. This is a great way to use smaller pieces of fabric,or leftover fabric, or deconstructed clothing. There are 7 gores on the skirt, so each gore pattern piece takes only a small amount of fabric.


  2. Nice skirt! I like the idea of using quilt binding for the waistband and tie: simple, available, easy, and always an even width. Let’s talk about using tablecloths for skirts. I have a few and would love to be able to use them in this manner. I will admit the green clogs are my favorite part!


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