Sewing On The Road (In A 1962 #Airstream)

Sewing On The Road - Denver Sews

I own a 1962 Airstream. We bought it on a whim, literally drove by it and stopped to inquire and wrote a  check. I love the Airstream, but it really is a money pit and we’ve often thought about selling it. But, then when we take it out, we vow to hold on to it and keep working on it. And, it needs work.  EVERY year something goes wrong. Like this trip the toilet didn’t work and we didn’t have hot water. We usually stay at RV parks surrounded by very upscale RV’s.  As in $300,000 kind of upscale. And, there amid all the glitz and glamour sits our very old Silver Twinkie. But, I love it.

I’ve always wanted to sew in the Airstream and this year I did. Here are a few pointers for sewing on the road.  I am no expert but if you decide to sew on the go these might be helpful.

  • Don’t bring a complicated project. Especially if you are vacationing with others who might not find sewing on vacation such a fun thing. Or have (gasp!) other plans for fun that don’t involve pins and needles.
  • I brought pincushions as my project, plus I wanted to refashion a baggy tank top to a more fitted one.
  • A camp table is a must, (see below) and was really great to have. This one is long enough to have at least a blouse pattern laid out.
  • Bring a rotary cutting mat, I brought a mid-size one (18″x23″) which was perfect for smaller projects.
  • The beef-a-roni and sardine cans are great as weights when soft zephyrs blow (yes, I love sardines, no I do not like beef-a-roni).
  • I didn’t bring my Pfaff, but an old Bernette teaching machine that works awesome. I figured I only wanted to bring what I felt comfortable losing (due to flash flood, toilet explodes, whatever).
  • Pack everything in a waterproof tub just in case of water leakage or pipes breaking (that was last year).
  • This trailer actually had the original ironing board (Isn’t that cute, people actually ironed on vacation!) There are travel/space saving boards that would work well and are hassle free to pack. But, I couldn’t resist this photo op.
  • I brought knitting too, as a back up. I always need something to do, so knitting is the perfect choice. I’m learning to use circular needles. I bought yarn at Yarn Durango, and I’m making a cowl.
  • And, it goes without saying, especially if there are other family members involved that you will need to pack up after every sewing session. Another good reason to bring a project that has few pieces or isn’t too complicated.

sewing layout Sewing on the Road Denver Sews

Iron Collage Sewing on the Road -  Denver Sews

sewing table


Yarn Sewing on the Road Denver Sews
Pin Cushions - Sewing on the road - Denver Sews

All in all I loved sewing in my Airstream and think I’ve started a new vacation tradition.

What about you? Have you hit the road with sewing in your plans? How did it work out? What did you make? Any tips?


  1. What katboulder said. Wow! Definitely time to re-visit the Lucille Ball movie. The Long, Long Trailer?? I’ll see if I can spy an ironing board. What will your next Airstream sewing project be? You could write a book about sewing in cramped corners (idea bulb goes on).


    • I’m not sure what my next project would be. I think a summery dress would be fun. Yes a book and then a tour, on the road and meetup with all you awesome bloggers! Yes!!!!

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  2. So very awesome Jill. I’d love to get an RV and travel around the country. My Aunt & Uncle have one & she takes her sewing machine with her everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Wow, an Airstream, that’s so cool! It makes me think of Lucille Ball and the wonderful clothes she wore in the movie “The Long Long Trailer”. I love your pincushions too! Where did you find the pattern for those?

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  4. Very cool! Were you guys at the Durango KOA? Your 1962 Airstream matches our 1962 American LaFrance fire truck! BTW, my hubby says not to be discouraged by your project trailer. Our newer trailers also suffer failures every season, including pipes bursting, shower pans cracking, cabinets removing themselves from the walls, etc. They’re still wonderfully fun!

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    • We were at the Durango Riverside Resort. Nice pool, kids had fun. Ya I think if you’re not in it realizing it’s a life long project you could get a little resentful.


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