The Importance of Home Ec. with #Simplicity Sewing Patterns

Remember girls: If you don’t take Home Ec you won’t have the Know-How Look, you’ll hang your head in shame and won’t get a date for the Jr. Prom.

Caution: High levels of hokey acting, but oh so charming. Plus, an interesting behind the scenes look at Simplicity sewing pattern drafting. Worth the time! Enjoy.


  1. I really enjoyed the video! I took Home Economic both sewing and cooking. That is a class that should still be taught. I even got my son to take it. This is a class that our kids still need today.

    This has been a reminder of the good olé days 🙂


  2. My mother always said that Home Ec was her favorite part of high school. She really learned how to sew in Home Ec, and went on to make everything for our home from draperies to every dress my sister and I ever wore. My high school didn’t even offer any kind of Home Economics. Sigh. Thankfully, by mother and grandmother taught me the basics.

    Thank you for this post – it is delightful!

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