Local News – Westminster Joann’s Closing and Elfriede’s Fabric Swap

Westminster Joann Closing 3

Some news for Denver folks – the Joann’s in Westminster is having a “closing” sale. (Don’t worry, they’re just moving to another building in Westminster and selling everything off rather than moving it.) I stopped in on Saturday because I heard they were selling off the fixtures and I wanted a pattern cabinet for cheap. (Yes, my pattern collection is embarrassingly large.) Unfortunately for me some guy had showed up before me that morning and bought the whole row of cabinets!



Good news first… all patterns are on sale for $1.99. That a great deal for Vogue, Burda, Kwik Sew and New Look patterns which never go on sale for less than $4-$5. I bought a small stack of Burdas. All notions and non-fabric things are on sale for 40% off. It’s not that great of a deal considering you can always get 40% off an item with a coupon. Even so, a lot of the notions were picked over already.


Westminster Joann Closing 2


The fabric unfortunately is only marked down to 33% off, or 15% off if it is already considered on sale. In the red tag section all the bolts have been wrapped up and marked with the yardage, and you can only buy the whole bolt. In that case, 15% is not a great deal if you have to buy 7-8 yards of it! An employee at the cutting table showed me the mark down schedule and the next mark down will be happening Sunday June 15th. The schedule said 50%, so I’m not sure if that means only 25% for on sale and red tag items? After that there is a mark down every two weeks, and I think they went to 75% and 90%.

Westminster Joann Closing 1


I couldn’t believe how many more people where in the store buying stuff even though it wasn’t really a discount over the normal coupons. (And you can’t use coupons or your DSC 10% off card during the closing sale.) I’ll probably stop back in a few weeks when everything gets marked down to a price that is actually a discount, but I’m kind of skeptical about there being anything good left. When the Hancock’s in Westminster closed a few years ago I bought a couple bolts of gingham that have served me well for making muslins, and I’m almost out. So, I’ll probably try for a couple bolts of something cheap to do fittings with, but that’s about all I want. Here’s a map to the location if you’re interested:

In other news, I just got an email from Elfriede’s in Boulder about a fabric swap on Sunday July 13th. The usual customers at Elfriede’s are some classy dames, so I bet the fabric swap will have some nice fabrics. I’m definitely going to try to stop by if I’m in town that weekend. Here’s the blurb from the newsletter:

On Sunday, July 13, from 2:30 to 5:30, we will be hosting a Fabric Swap! 
Bring whatever you no longer love and swap it for what you can’t live without! 
Or, give your extras away!  If you have nothing to swap, come anyway!  You are clearly Under-Stashed and might stumble on to something great!
All fabrics that are unclaimed as of 5:30 will be donated to the Rosebud Indian Reservation.
NOTE:  None of the store merchandise will be a part of the swap.  However, the store will be open, just in case you need to find a lining or buttons to go with your new treasures! 


  1. Geez it’s like dealing with crack pushers, these fabric store owners, waving their pretty fabrics under our noses.Like we can resist. No shame.


  2. Ya, I was there as late as Saturday and there were tons of patterns left. Picked up more pant patterns from Burda. But, I need one more from Butterrick, really just one more. But, honestly just this last one. Then I’m done.


  3. Patterns are what I purchased, also. As you mentioned, the companies whose patterns are never at $.99. Got some good ones! The new store sounds nice and like it will be in a better location!

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  4. We had a nearby Joanns relocate some years ago. On the last few days I remember scooping up patterns at 20/$1, and thread at 10/$1. Fixture wise I chose some of the wooden poles for home decor fabric bolts at 50 cents each. They became curtain poles in my new home!

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