2 Days to Denver Mini Maker Faire!

DenverMiniMaker Logo 1 small

Just two short days to Denver Mini Maker Faire! For me this is not mini. AT ALL. I’m getting a little nervous with crowds expected at 20,000-30,000. Sure, they’re not all coming to see the Denver Sewing Collective but, still. When Karen asked if I could/would do this I didn’t hesitant and said yes straight away. I’m kind of jump-in-the deep end kind of person. Jump first, think later.

I’ve had time to come up with some fun projects, plus I have some things that I am going to do, if no one wants to sew, I’ll be sewing away on stuff. I’ve got a lot of little easy projects to do that will be fun for anyone.

Got my trusty helper with me and we’re going to have a blast. I hope anyone in the Denver area who is interested in robotics, electronics, food, networking, sci-fi, steampunk, creating at just about every level will stop by. If you would like to see what Maker’s Faires are all about click HERE. This will take you to the Maker Faire Website and will give you a little glimpse into what this is all about.


Hope to see you there!

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