March Cape Sew-Along

cape patterns

At the Denver Sewing Collective’s March Meetup I announced a Cape Sew-Along. There were 3 of us who started to make capes, Karin, Jane and myself. There were a few others who couldn’t make it but we can sew-along for as long as needed.

A few notes so far.

    1. I got my pattern from Etsy seller Spindesign and really loved the look of it.
    2. I am using some boiled wool I got at the last Sewing Expo here in Denver. Plus lining it in turquoise.
    3. HOWEVER, as Jane pointed out that the fabric I was using wasn’t quite what the pattern called for. The pattern called for a much drapey type  fabric. Which led me to my first problem, the  shoulder dart
    4. This particular boiled wool is quite thick and didn’t take kindly to being darted. Jane helped fit it during the meetup but then when I got it home and on my dress form I still couldn’t get the dart to lay well.

detail soht

  1. Simple fix,just turn dart into a seam and so far looks much better.

This cape, the fabric, the lining, I’m falling hard for it all and is worth taking time on it. But my thoughts are turning to  spring and summer clothes not wool capes! I think I’m going to get to a stopping point and put it aside and revisit the Cape Sew-Along in the fall. Hope you join in. 

colors for cape

Ways to go! Stay with me!

purple cape 1


  1. I’m glad I was there to enable you on that fabric purchase because this is going to look great. I know what you mean though about losing your mojo for winter sewing. I cut out a scarf for this meeting and have no desire to finish it now… a scarf.


  2. Gosh Jill, your cape totally brings back so many memories for me. My older sister Sylvia had a blue cape she wore a lot back in the early 1970’s. I remember her going off to protest Dow Chemicals napalm production during the Vietnam War in that cape. I always thought she looked quite mysterious and lovely in it, as do you.


  3. Good idea with the seam. I agree. I am going to table this project till the Fall. (Be sure to remind me.)

    LOVE the color. The photos do not do it justice.


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