Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

I have two dresses in progress and about half-a-dozen cut out, ready to sew.

WIP #1: Blue Brocade Dress, New Look 6144, view B

It turned out quite lovely but is way to big in the behind … like almost an inch on either side of the center back seam.  The sleeves are also too long.

NL 6144

WIP #2: Crazy Jill Fabric Dress, Butterick 5815, view C

I fell in love with this fabric Jill made up into a tunic.  I asked her to purchase two yards for me.  I really wanted to make B5815 because of the butterfly style sleeves but hemmed & hawed over it since the dress had NO shape to it at all.  I thought about using Burda 7031 or Vogue 8945 but ultimately decided not to fearing it would detract from the fabric pattern.  And don’t even ask how long it took to finally figure out the layout to cut the blasted thing.

I stuck with my original choice of B5815.  After cutting, it sewed up relatively easily even though I underlined it with a cotton/rayon blend (not the sleeves).  Sadly, it looks like a hospital gown.  I don’t know how I am going to save it.  One DSC member suggested I make it into a tunic but I know myself well enough that I would never wear it.  I am thinking my TNT sundress Vogue 7080 but am open to other ideas.


UP #1: Lilac Bombshell Dress, Butterick 5559, view A

Pattern Review recently profiled Sewmanju on their blog.  Wow!  This woman can sew.  I saw her interpretation of B5559 and knew I had to make myself one (also in red).  I watched for a sale of Jo-Ann’s and snapped up the pattern.  But I have no stockpile of knit fabrics.  Fortunately, Fabric Mart came to my rescue by having a great sale on some Lilac Ponte Knit.  I bought 5 yards. (I know I want this is red but the sale was too good to pass up.  I have a lot of that Lilac Ponte knit left, anyone want to trade it for some Cherry Red Ponte?)


It’s cut out ready to go.  I think this will make a great Spring transition piece for the bipolar weather we have in Denver.

UP #2: Red Linen-like Ruffle Dress, Butterick 5917, view C

Way back in August of last year Sarah from Goodbye Valentino whipped up B5917 in a lovely Madras print.  I fell in love with the entire look.  I intended to make this right away out of a stripped silk for our vacation to Costa Rica.  Well – you know how it goes – the best laid plans … I also discovered our very own Lynne made this up and she loved the pattern.  Since my last three projects have not turned out as well as I had hoped I decided to make a wearable muslin.  I hope to have it finished & the silk version before our next vacation in April – a Caribbean cruise.  (Please keep the snickering down to a minimum.)

The fabric is some I bought back in the 90s at Clothworld.  I made a skirt (don’t fall over, I used to wear a lot of skirts) and have no clue what happened to it.  I had plenty of fabric and cut it out Saturday night.


UP #3: Fuchsia Sweater Knit Dress, McCalls 6769, view D

When I read Jamie’s glorious post about Colorado Fabrics new collection from New York, I knew I had to get over there ASAP.  I spent three hours in the store on Friday and I am ever so glad I did.  One of my many purchases included a lovely Fuchsia Sweater Knit.  I cannot express how soft & wonderful this fabric is in mere words.  IT.IS.AWESOME.  I want to wrap myself in it & drink tea & read a great book.  So I decided it would be ideal for a dress.  I know M6769 is a top pattern but I saw this variant on Pattern Review and thought how perfect it would be out a this Missoni style knit I have.  Alas, it would have but I don’t have enough fabric.  Good thing I found this wonderful sweater knit.


UP #4: Natural Swimsuit Cover Up, Burda 7207, view B

Did you see the pin last summer of the Victoria’s Secrets swimsuit cover up?  I thought it was perfect and have wanted to make a copy ever since.  It would be very easy to duplicate but Burda Patterns so kindly made a pattern for me.  I have bought 4 different fabrics for this project and I love them all but they don’t all work with my swimsuits (navy & red).  I thought this simple natural lace knit would be perfect.


UP #5: Silk Scarf

The minute I saw this at Colorado Fabrics I knew I had to have it.  It would be perfect for a silk scarf.   I ended up buying the rest of the bolt because I really want a dress out it too. I have a couple of patterns in mind: McCalls 6277, view B, Burda 7352 (paired with the Lilac Ponte), McCalls 6507, Simplicity 0441, or New Look 6123.


UP #6: Wool Scarf and a Cardigan

I found this lovely, loose ivory wool at Colorado Fabrics.  I plan to make wool scarves just like the silk one from above.  I am not sure how I will actually sew this up – zigzag stitch? I also washed & dried it in the machine and am so pleased on how it responded.  It didn’t shrink.

I hope I have enough to make a small cardigan to wear at work.  The library tends to be very warm in the public areas and an icebox in the back.  These are the patterns I have in mind: Vogue 8319, jacket, Butterick 5467 (cropped)50s Shrug, McCalls 6844, or Vogue 8965.


UP #7: Striped Summer Dress, Vogue 8904, view B

Another dress idea influenced by Sarah from Goodbye Valentino.  It would be a nice, practical addition for the summer.  It should also travel well for our vacation.  Not much to say about this yet.  I hope it doesn’t prove to be too difficult.


UP #8: Beach Bag Tote, McCalls 6588, view A

This is a huge departure from my usual modus operandi – a bag.  I usually take an older purse/bag when we go on vacation to hold all our crap things when we go to the pool.  This last vacation I forgot to pack it and let me tell you – a Wal-Mart bag does not cut it.  Ever since I have wanted to make a bag for this singular purpose.  Amazingly I have a great pattern.  I don’t know when I purchased it but a while ago.  I don’t have any fabric yet.  I think I want to use oil cloth or laminated.  Check out these choices.  Any suggestions?


I’ve got some big plans and a lot of dates with my sewing machine.  Which one is your favorite?


  1. I’m voting for Butterick 5559 because you got me all worked up with pictures of it last time. I got whiplash looking at the picture of McCall’s 6769 because I thought for a few moments that you might be sewing SEPARATES (!), but then I re-read and realized you’re turning it into a dress. Of course. 🙂


  2. Wow. That is ambitious. But, I like how you have a plan. I just seem to sew by my bipolar fancy. A cape here, a silk blouse there, a pair of wool pants in the summer and so on. Yes, with the GV version. She made that dress look hot. I never would have considered it.


  3. You have so many projects Jane! You need to quit your job so you’ll have more time to sew! Just kidding. I also own Butterick 5917. I would never have purchased this pattern (the cover art dress is soooo ugly) but I also saw Goodbye Valentino’s version and then bought it. Butterick should give a percentage of every sale of 5917 to Sarah. I’m sure they wouldn’t sell a single copy if not for her blog version of this dress. I’m also planning to make McCall’s 6769, but keeping it as a top. I think making a dress from this pattern is a great idea though. Good luck with finishing before your trip!


  4. The Crazy Jill Fabric Dress, because I love the print. Where’d you get it? I want some of that fabric. I love the Lilac dress also. One day I’ll show my JB Leggings to the world…..:-)


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