Burda March 2014 Review

Burda-March-2014 Front Cover

It’s hard for me to review the March 2014 issue of Burda because there is so much crazy WTF in it that it’s all I can focus on when I’m flipping through it. However I do greatly prefer weird to boring, and since I’m afraid hurting Burda’s feelings might lead to a regression to the rectangle based patterns of this summer, I’m going to try and focus on the positive. The best part of this issue is that they chose a pair of jeans for the “sewing lesson for beginners” feature. That means four glorious pages of color diagrams on how stitch pockets, insert a fly front zipper, and attach the waistband. Useful!

Burda-March-2014 Jeans Detailed Instructions

Here’s a picture of the jeans in action. This cropped blouse is also very “in” right now, but I’m not sure how many people above 18 can pull it off.

Burda-March-2014 Cropped Blouse and Jeans

Bomber jackets are also in style right now, so I’m glad for this pattern. This fabric does nothing for me though, so here’s some alternative inspiration. Some things I’ve been seeing in the latest incarnation of the bomber jacket are floral prints, silk fabrics, Asian prints, and all-over embroidery.

Burda-March-2014 Bomber Jacket Inspiration

This sweatshirt has an opening along the neck with grosgrain ribbon and snaps that I quite like. The leather patches on the elbows also make it a little more interesting.

Burda-March-2014 Sweatshirt Leather Trim

This skirt with princess seams and a bottom flounce is a flattering shape. The double breasted jacket pattern here also has instructions on how to cut bias strips of the fashion fabric and fray them to achieve the effect in the picture.

Burda-March-2014 Boucle Skirt

This bustier dress is interesting. What would you call those flaps coming down from the shoulders? Bust suspenders?

Burda-March-2014 Bustier Dress

I oohed and aaahed over this dress, but I think 95% of the appeal is in the fabric choice. If I ever stumble across that exact fabric in an India bazaar, I promise to make this.

Burda-March-2014 All About the Fabric Choice

This plus size dress has to be the best dress pattern in the issue. Between this and the stellar plus size issue I reviewed last week, the plus size ladies are having all the fun. I’m imagining this one with the shoulder pieces and sleeves in lace, and the rest in the same lace underlined. And perhaps the waist and chest bands in a solid color? A lot of possibilities here.

Burda-March-2014 Plus Size Fitted Dress

This other dress in the plus size feature isn’t bad either. It comes in two flavors with different sleeves and a peplum option.

Burda-March-2014 Plus Size Wrap Top Dress

I can’t believe I’m going to talk about one of the craft features without making fun of it… (See how hard I’m trying!?) But this stylized rose applique is nice. If you are into the Alabama Chanin style knits I could see using this to do a reverse cutout. I even like the gold necklace they crimped into the same rose shape.

Burda-March-2014 Rose Applique and Necklace

All right, after all that praise I don’t think I can hold the snark back any longer… Burda, if you are reading this, turn away. Everyone else, here we go…

The March issue started out with an Italian Dolce and Gabbana style shoot. It’s one of the themes they do a lot and it’s not my style, but usually there are at least some good silhouettes when they do it. This time… well, take a look at this Disney princess dress! In yellow, with mixed prints. They even describe it as a “full-length dress in which you would just love to stroll through fields of lavender!” Gag. If I’m wearing this, I’m going to need something stronger… better make it fields of poppies. Oh, and did I mention it comes in wedding flavor too?!

Burda-March-2014 Princess Dress

Speaking of wedding dresses, there was a wedding feature in this issue which I believe they do once a year in the spring. I’m sure people look forward to the wedding feature, considering you can save a lot of money by sewing your own wedding dress. Hey 2014 brides, I hope you like GIANT BOWS. Oh, you do? Then take a gander at these:

Burda-March-2014 Giant Ass Bow Wedding Dress

Burda-March-2014 Giant Sleeve Bows Wedding Dress

You can have a giant butt bow, or you can have giant wrist bows. It’s your special day, so you get to choose!

Next up there was a page loudly proclaiming the “Best of Grunge”. As I’m a child of the 90’s, this got me excited. Unfortunately, Burda seemed to interpret grunge and “dumpy garments in sad plaids being worn by even sadder girls”.

Burda-March-2014 Grunge

Seriously, you call that “grunge”?!


Every issue there is a styling feature where they pick one pattern from that issue and style it with garments from past issues. This month, to prove that they have given up on life, Burda chose this:

Burda-March-2014 Sweatpants

That’s right, a pair of sweatpants. I especially like the styling suggestions on the left! I’ll try to get into the mind of a styling editor and walk through how this outfit came into existence… You roll out of bed at high noon on Sunday in the sweatpants you’ve been wearing for two days straight while holed up in your loft drinking PBR out of a wine glass. You need groceries but you don’t have time to change your pants because you have to get to Costco before they stop serving those little samples! But you can’t go out in sweatpants and a t-shirt – you’re a magazine editor! That’s okay, as a style ninja you can transform your pajamas through the magic of “layering”. You grab the first jacket out of your closet, which is gold sequin with a contrasting paisley trim that you bought at the “Dallas for K-mart” collection in 1978. Cowboy boots and a fringe purse are the OBVIOUS choice to add to this. A girl can’t be seen without some jewelry, so you grab the dangliest earrings you can find. Wait, what about your hair? No time for a shower, so splash on some “L’Oreal hair oil” for that greasy-on-purpose look. You glance in the mirror on your way out… perfection!

Burda-March-2014 Sweatpants Styling

Finally, more proof that sleeve flounces are the new harem pants:

Burda-March-2014 Sleeve Flounces

Here’s the preview for next month’s issue. It sounds like there will be a whole feature on blazers, which I can never have enough patterns for, and that weird wrap dress in the lower left hand corner looks intriguing. You better deliver next month Burda, you owe me.

Burda-March-2014 Next Month Preview


  1. Wow, so that potato sack with bows on the sleeves is a wedding dress?!! Yikes. She has to stand awkwardly to the side so as not to reveal it has no shape! Hilarious review – very enjoyable. And also disappointed with the grunge as I grew up in the 90’s too.


  2. I just found your excellent blog reviewing Burda Style mags – where have I been? Your critique is superb and I’m signing up to your blog now!


  3. I really like your suggestion for the plus size dress. As a petite (short) plus size, focusing on the top of my look is very important. Lace insets with lace sleeves. Brilliant. And you are right, shweat phants, WHAT?


  4. This might be called the Intern issue. ‘Cause it looks like the new batch of interns over at Burda have spiked the coffee of the usual defenders of taste and wrest control. The cover with its burnt orange and yellow color scheme, which usually in nature means poison or at the least DANGER was a give away for me. The whole issue is like a cacophony of color that’s loudly displeasing. But I could always use some boob flap dress.


  5. Funny- I loved the yellow dress and couldn’t stop crying it was for tall figures. Would it not be so wonderful in the summer to like-fly-in? (I know your answer) A Summer dress, but still dressed! And the wedding dress version! Even better!!! So very romantic.


    • I’m glad you like the yellow dress, because that means this issue wasn’t a total bust for everyone! I can see other (more girlie) people pulling it off. I think I was just pissy that nothing in this issue was my style. 🙂


  6. Thanks for the review and my moring chuckles. From the Burda blog it seems many are upset and dissapointed in Burdastyle US. It seems a sad commentary on what they think of American women’s sense of style. I’m glad I waited on subscribing, perhaps I’ll take a breath and shell out the big bucks for the European version.


    • I Live in Germany and sadly I have to tell you that the models are exactly the same. Just the title over here was the yellow dress instead. No differences in european version.


    • Yes, this is the european/UK version! Sorry, maybe I should be more clear about that. I think Burda is always hit and miss, but the international version is monthly instead of quarterly so you get more to choose from.


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