G is for Grainline Studio: How to Use A Scarf as The Scout Tee

G Collage watermarked

For my 7th Sew All 26 160 project, “G”, I chose a pattern from Grainline Studio, the Scout Woven Tee. This pattern is available as a download, which was a big plus for me. I intended my G project to be the Go Patterns Sleeveless Dress, but the Go dress proved to be more involved than I expected and I needed to find another G project fast! It probably didn’t help that I sewed my G, H, and I projects in reverse order, giving me the least amount of time to complete the project I’d be posting first. Hmmm, whose dumb idea was that?

So my G project changed to a cute pair of pajamas, an interesting choice since I’ve never ever worn PJs! And even if I did, I think this day-glow orange would probably keep both my husband and I awake all night. But I can wear these during the day when I’m just lounging around the house sewing; when the hubby is out-of-town like today! Ahhh, heaven! (I love my man, but I also love having a day to do nothing but sew!)

I made The Scout Woven Tee front and sleeves from a silky Bill Blass scarf I picked up in a thrift store for under $5.00. The scarf  (a 33″ square) wasn’t large enough to make the whole top. So I rummaged through my stash and I got lucky when I found a thin cotton tablecloth in the exact orange of the flower print. I purchased the tablecloth years ago at a thrift store for $1.50, making the total cost for my G project $12.95.

I made a couple of changes to the Scout Tee pattern. The bias bound neckline wouldn’t lay flat, maybe because the tablecloth fabric I used for the bias was heavier than the scarf fabric. So I turned it twice instead of once, which helped. And the top was too billowy for my body shape so I added a piece of 1″ wide elastic at the back to take in the width at the waist. I covered the elastic with the purple border from the scarf. I also eliminated the hem allowance, using the existing hems on the scarf and tablecloth instead. (I love repurposing for exactly that reason!)

Since I had so much of the tablecloth fabric left over I decided to make a pair of pants to go with the top. This is how the idea of the lounging outfit evolved. Since I’d never made pants for myself before I looked for the simplest pants pattern in my collection. Simplicity 2155 with an elastic waist was the pattern I chose. By reducing the length of the pants hem by 1/2″  I was just able to fit the pattern on the remaining fabric. The only other change I made to the pants was to shorten the pattern waist by 1/2″.  This is a common adjustment for me because I’m short-waisted.

Both of these patterns are quick and easy sews. Just what I needed after making those involved I and H projects, which I’ll be posting in the next few weeks.


  1. Hi Fadinista, I just looked up your Hermes scarf post at: http://fadanista.com/2014/01/28/dreams-of-snails/ and it’s absolutely lovely! I think it’s really funny that your first thought was to use it to make a Scout Tee! Your scarf must have been a lot larger than the Bill Blass I had since the Scout Tee would have wasted a lot of it and I could barely get the front & sleeves out of mine. I love your blog!


  2. Thanks for your comments! It kind of makes me smile too to see myself in neon orange – a color I would not normally wear. Ooh, a Hermes scarf! I’d love to see that piece. I’m going to look for it on your blog now. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Kitty


  3. This made me smile – I’ve had an alphabet theme and found it really helps lift the post titles out of the mundane, and I’ve also made clothes out of scarves – the last one was a Hermes scarf which someone gave me! I love the colours and clever use of fabrics here.


    • The fabric hoard to the rescue! It is satisfying not to have to stop work in order to run out and find more fabric. And I am trying to make room in the stash by sewing out of the collection. Especially since I’m off my fabric diet and back to gorging again:)


  4. Kitty – I love it! You are so clever & creative. I feel the same way about the man … lovely to have around, even better when they are gone so we can sew all day.


    • Umm, I think you are nicer than I, I don’t think I would say “always” lovely to have around. But I couldn’t imagine my life without him either, he’s my soul mate for sure.


  5. Lovely use of a Bill Blass scarf! You did a great job of sewing the pants, considering this is a first. They fit you well. I think I would totally answer the door in this outfit 🙂 .


    • Thanks so much! I was hoping my neighbors weren’t thinking “Why is she outside in her PJs having her photo taken?” It’s good to know you wouldn’t be afraid to answer the door wearing it – hopefully it can pass as daywear…


  6. OMG I can’t believe you made PJs from a scarf and a tablecloth! That is just way too funny. I wish you’d wear that outfit to one of our meetups! You are just way too clever with your thrift store finds.


    • Thanks Lynne, I do love it when I’m able to “justify” all the junk I buy at thrift stores. Storing the stuff for years before I actually use it can be a problem though. I was glad I was able to finally do something with the tablecloth!


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