Born On This Day – Tina Louise


Growing up I would watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island before my mom would come home from work. I loved the show for one thing only and that was Ginger. She was, as most know the beautiful red headed movie star stranded on the island with 6 others. I fell for Ginger more so than Mary Ann I think largely because she was so beautiful and a red head too.  I was so far removed from Ginger. Ungraceful, skinny, freckles and unruly red hair. I was more like Pippi Longstockingpippi

than the beautiful, elegant Ginger. So of course the infatuation is obvious. I loved watching her wear her movie star clothes and that voice was so amazing!  Oh, what I would do to be Ginger just for a minute!


Ginger was instrumental in my developing love of fashion, costumes and clothing. And, without Tina Louise’s definitive and consummate interpretation of Ginger to our little television screens, well there just wouldn’t have been a Ginger.

Happy Birthday Tina Louise!


What about you? Who were  your early fashion influences?


  1. Tina louise was a star long before Gillingans Island…Back in the 1950’s she was a model and a pin up in many men’s magazines …Never a household name although did star in quite a few half decent films .


  2. Ginger absolutely brought sexy to the little screen, and mid afternoon!!! for us to see. I thought Mary Ann was so boring, and Ginger was so over the top when I was a kid. Neither interested me, I guess I liked the professor the most. Now that I am much wiser, I get Ginger and would wanna be her. Thanks for the lovely pictures, and now i feel like i wanna watch a few shows!


  3. Sadly, I was more of a “Little House on the Prairie” Melissa Gilbert type though I wished I was a “Charlie’s Angels” Jaclyn Smith type. (Jaclyn Smith came into our store in Chicago about 10 years ago and she was still drop-dead gorgeous)! IMHO freckles really kill the glamorous image.


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