Kwik Sew 3915 – Ruched Neck Tops

KS3915 Collage

I have a RTW (ready-to-wear) top that I found at a thrift store that I have always loved – it is a V-neck ruched top that is snug fitting and comfy. It is the one on the left in the collage and the tag says “j.t.b. petite”. I have always wished I had more of these tops so I was pleased to find a similar pattern by Kwik Sew.

The pattern is 3915 and it comes with a V neck and a scoop neck top.


I’ve made both View A (the V-neck) and View B (the scoop neck). The first V-neck I made is the one on the right in the collage. Following my measurements, I cut it half way between a Small and Medium. It is fine, but for the top in the middle, I cut it on the Small and found it more to my liking. View B is shown below and it was cut between a Small and Medium.

KS3915 scoop neck

I find it just a little too loose and would cut it on a Small next time. But I don’t like the style all that much – the scoop neck is a little too big for me. I could redraft the neckline, but the gathering on the neck band was such a bit of work that I do not want to repeat the effort!

Overall, the pattern is easy to put together, especially if you skip the buttons and loops on View A. I used various types of fairly light weight stretchy knits with a stretch or ball point needle and a small zig-zag stitch. I had no problems with this pattern! I can whip up one of these tops in a day, which easily satisfies my impatient nature.


  1. These are such pretty tops, Lynne. I love them! It looks like the straight size small fits you really well and without any alterations! I was excited to see the tops are from Kwik Sew. I just bought several Kwik Sew top patterns, but it turns out I didn’t buy 3915. I think I thought the buttons and loops would be too much work – it never occurred to me to just leave them off. Darn, another pattern I need to buy!


  2. Nice top! It’s seems you’ve found a wardrobe staple that’s quick to make – we all strive for that.
    I love the 3 picture collage at the top. You managed to pose exactly the same way for all three 🙂


    • It took quite a few attempts to get all of the photos looking sort of the same! I do like the top quite a bit. With the right fabric, the V neck can be quite warm.


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