The luxury of sewing all day

fire truck

Denver Sewing Collective had their first Saturday Sew-In on January 25th. And, boy was it a glowing success. Lynne was able to score her housing development’s club house that had lots of tables, natural light a kitchen and even a fire place and couch. At one point there were 16 of us sewing away like so many mad seamstresses. Lynne’s husband Frank even brought his vintage fire truck over and we got a great group photo.

The Sew-In started at 9 am and wrapped up about 8 pm. Yes, almost 12 hours of sewing. I have not sewed all day in a long time. I actually don’t think I’ve ever sewn for that long of time. Not because I don’t want to but, that I’ve never allowed myself that luxury.  

I planned my day with practical precision of a military general. I had started packing on the Monday following and had written out my detailed plans of what I was set out to accomplish. I even posted on my employers Facebook page asking fans: What would you do with a whole day of sewing? Finish little projects or start that grand project? The majority said they would get the little projects done first and so I began planning with that in mind. 

Here’s what I accomplished.

  1. Cut out and basted together two pairs of pants.
  2. Finished up 2 knit tops that needed those finicky details done.
  3. Finished a neckline and facing on a dress, plus got the hem all pinned.
  4. Finished a lined dress with the exception of the hem. 

And, had a wonderful time with some amazing women all doing what we love to do: sew. (Oh, and I owe Lynne lunch next time because I left my money in the car.) The next one is going to be in April and then maybe another one in July (did I mention there is a swimming pool). I love these if for the fact that you could spend a whole day getting those pesky little jobs done which mentally and physically frees you up to spend those precious moments in the week or weekend tackling bigger projects. Brilliant!

What about you? Is sewing all day just a fancy thought or do you give yourself this treat every so often?PicMonkey Collage


  1. Jill, you were so smart to plan which projects you would work on. I’m sure I would have accomplished more if I hadn’t started planning and packing on the morning of. I’m going to try to remember to plan and pack in advance for the next all day sewing event. It was tons of fun and I can’t wait for the next one!


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