Getting Into A Stranger’s Boxers

PicMonkey Collage

Have you ever wanted to get into a stranger’s boxers? I have and I did (shhh, don’t tell my husband). And here are the photos to prove it!

If you’d like to get into a man’s boxers an important thing to remember is – bigger really is better!

Men's boxers refashion 011

These brand new boxer shorts had a 44 inch waist and were free to me, I volunteer at the Humane Society thrift store and we don’t sell underwear. So I was able to scoop these up at no charge!

I measured and cut the waist to fit me, shifted the fly front to the side and added a pocket in the fly opening, using the pocket pattern from a dress I just made.

Men's boxers refashion 007

Then I hauled out all my blue and white scrap fabrics and trims and auditioned them to see which ones I liked the best with the boxers blue and white plaid print.

Men's boxers refashion 002

I layered several of the scrap fabrics and trims together and then sewed it to the bottom of the skirt. Done! I think this skirt turned out cute. What do you think?


Hi! I’m Kitty and I adore fabric. I’m not a great seamstress (I would describe myself as an advanced beginner) but I’m passionate about sewing. As much as I love this creative hobby, I have to admit I have lots of sewing fears: buttonholes and zippers come to mind immediately! I’ve taken a few sewing classes but I learn by repetition so it’s practice makes perfect for me, although really I’d settle for just wearable. I’m trying to learn enough about sewing so I’ll be able to make and wear clothing without being asked “did you make that?”


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  2. Looking Good! Great G , ‘Getting into a Strangers Boxers’. I see the little buttons on the side. Nice Repurpose of those strangers boxers!


    • Ooooh, I’m just about speechless! I’m such a major fan of your blog, I can’t believe you’ve commented on my boxer skirt post! I’m star struck and just so thrilled, I LOVE your blog and your refashions. Thank you so much for your sweet comment – it means a lot to me!


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