Burda February 2014 Review

Burda Febuary 2014 Cover

I have a running hypothesis with just about all pattern magazines that the number of patterns I like in an issue is inversely proportional to the attractiveness of the cover. Hence I was stoked to receive this month’s issue of Burda UK in my mailbox because… well, just look at that fugliness! It reminds me of the color scheme of every bathroom in the Midwest I can remember from the 80’s. Let’s see if the patterns live up to the cover…

Burda Febuary 2014 Peplum Top

First up is this peplum jacket. Here it’s shown in a jacquard, but the description claims it could be made up in leather and later they show it again in a boucle. The detail at the shoulders that looks kind of like a short sleeve over a long sleeve is strange, but I find myself drawn to it. I like jackets that accentuate the shoulders… maybe I do like more from the 80’s than I like to admit. The line drawing seems to show in-seam pockets at the waist line. Yes, please!

Burda Febuary 2014 Dress

This dress was shown twice, and if it wasn’t for the line drawings I never would have guessed it was the same dress. I like it in theory from the line drawings, but I’m not sure about what it is doing to the bust of the model on the left. The text says that is a cotton satin – maybe a lighter fabric would be less poofy?

Burda Febuary 2014 Pleated Skirt

I got really excited when I flipped to this page because I thought this was SKORTS and I have a secret soft spot for skorts. (Wow, for how much I hated the cover, I seem to be loving the 80’s references here.) But alas, it’s just a skirt. Yes, it is the same skirt shown on the cover, and yes, my short term memory is awful. I do like the skirt more in this photo, so I’ll put it on my list of maybes.

Burda Febuary 2014 Two Tone Dress

This simple dress from two knit fabrics caught my eye. I am guessing that it probably only looks good belted, but I bet it would be a quick sew. (Also, pockets!)

Burda Febuary 2014 versus Pattern Magic Jutting Edge 3

This top was shown a couple times in this issue, once with the extra fabric flipped out and once with it flipped in. (It looks better flipped in.) It looked hauntingly familiar, and then it finally came to me… this is exactly the same as the “jutting edge” top from the Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics” book that a couple bloggers have posted. (See Fehr Trade and The Material Lady.) Burda moved the front seam from the left to the right shoulder and cropped it to shirt length, so I guess that makes it a different pattern? As much as I’m fascinated by the Pattern Magic books, I’d rather trace a pattern that draft that craziness, so I’ll gladly take it!

Burda Febuary 2014 Plus Size Blouse

In the plus size feature my favorite pattern was this blouse with floppy lapels. It’s hard to see, but it has princess seams with darts for a little bust shaping. I’m thinking it might look nice color blocked with contrasting lapels and cuffs.

Burda Febuary 2014 Ipad Sleeve

I was surprised to see this clutch / iPad sleeve in the craft section because it’s so… useful. Burda, are you feeling okay? Never mind, I see the DIY lamp section now…

Burda Febuary 2014 Lamps 2

Never change, Burda. Never change.


  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve wanted to check it out myself, but couldn’t make it happen with toddler in tow. The jacket with peplum is so lovely. Yikes that cover is awful and the deadbird chandelier dreadful indeed!


  2. Are those black bird feathers and remmanants from an ice dancers skating costume? Yes the cover did not inspire me at all. Nothing so fAr really screams at me “you must sew this now”. Maybe next month.


  3. Must.. Have.. Raglan.. Sleeves..
    What do you guys think about the diagonal drape ‘feature?’ Looks ok in the drawing but a little awkward on a body.


  4. Jamie it looks like your theory is correct! That’s quite the frumpy outfit on the cover but I like the styles you’ve shown on the inside. I’ll have to look for the ugly cover issues on ebay.


  5. Jamie, you crack me up! I think I just saw a skort pattern on Pinterest (another reason you should be on there).

    I do like the blouse with the floppy lapels. I think it would look great color-blocked.


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