B is for Burda

Sew All 26a

 For my second Sew All 26 project I chose a Burda pattern for the letter B. Burda 7739 is the first Burda pattern I’ve ever sewn. I made the dress in the center.

burda 7739 pattern envelope with watermark

It has short sleeves and a rolled collar. For the fabric I chose a woven textured cotton with a raised design in solid red. You can see the fabric behind the pattern in the photo above. I’ve had the fabric and the pattern in my stash for years, the fabric was intended for another garment that never happened.

I was excited to try a Burda pattern because according to Burda, their patterns are cut for a B cup. The Big 4 (Butterick, McCall’s, Simplicity and Vogue) are all cut for a C cup. Sadly, I’m an A cup so the Big 4 (aptly named I might add) often require pattern fitting adjustments – which is something I have no expertise in. I was hoping the Burda line would be a better fit for me out of the envelope. Okay, the bust DID fit better than those busty big 4 but that’s about it.

Take a look at the results.

burda 7739 before taking in with watermark

This is after taking several inches off each side of the center back. I’d say that if I were in need of a maternity dress this pattern would fit the bill. However maternity wasn’t quite the look I was going for. Perhaps I should have cut a size 12 instead of a 14 but the pleats in the front and back could still contain an advanced pregnancy or a tumor worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records. And at age 55 option two is the only possible one.

What to do? Well since I already inserted the zipper this amazing way I decided to sew a large tuck down each side of the center back and ended up with this.

PicMonkey Photo Burda 7739

Better than it was originally, but another reminder to: DO A MUSLIN FIRST!

Now what should I make for the letter C?


  1. The Big 4, lmao. It surprises me that the German company is designed for a smaller bust than the others, when I was an A cup, generously speaking and would visit relatives abroad, I always knew that Germany was not the place I would be buying shirts or dresses as the bust and whole cut of the tops were large.

    I think you made great alterations, and it doesn’t look maternity. I feel like everything I am sewing is too large, even when going on the sizes of the pattern. Red’s your color!


  2. A cape for “C”! I love the color on you and I like it belted. The fabric looks like a linen almost, it would also look cute shorter to wear with jeans. We’ll done!


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